Saturday, January 7, 2017

Journaling Israel

Getting ready to head back to Israel 
and sharing how I journaled the last trip there.
We received this great guide 
from Imagine Tours and Travel.
I was looking for a way to both collect memorabilia 
while there, as well as organize anything 
like notes, postcards, and journaling.
Target has a binder 
that fits the pages of the tour book.
I had purchased mine at Staples--
(last year.)
 Divider pockets are the perfect thing
 for storing memorabilia.
Mini binder index dividers 
work to manage and label the sites to visit.
This is the binder that I found at Staples.
 I carefully cut the binding off the tour book, 
and hole-punched the pages
 to fit the binder rings.
 Once you measure this-
 use one of the pages as your "template."
I repurposed a heavy cardstock 
advertisement that came in the mail.
Took the 4 week reading and prayer plan-
folded it and added it to the insert.
It now fits perfectly 
in one of the divider pockets.
 Divider pages labeled the main areas for travel.
Pocket pages are great 
for inserting things to keep.
I had also found the mini-dividers
 with tabbed tops.
A few pieces of cardstock 
were added and this was perfect
 for attaching post cards with washi tape.

I used a small Moleskin mini-journal 
to take notes during the day. 
In the evening I transferred any 'Keeps"
 and notes to the journal.
The great part was that when I returned home-
my journal was finished!
A great way to learn along the way-
and be ready to review notes
 to share and tell the story.
And THAT is certainly what happens 
when you get back from an 
Israel and Jordan pilgrimage.


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