Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bible Marginalia Series-Listening and Doing

Bible Marginalia Series-#239

James 1:19-22
Oh, been thinking a lot about listening.
To each other.
And what happens when we don't.
So driven to have our 
own opinion made KNOWN-
we just keep on talking, and talking.
Praying for quick listening-
 jumping right in and being quiet.
Then slow words-
thoughtful reflection.
And when we don't agree-
slow to anger.
Or how about no anger?

Then the other side of listening?
That doing part?
Like when your kids say- ya, ya, ya-
to a request.
And you have a feeling there was
 no intention of actually DOING IT.

I am pretty sure that my heavenly Father
 has had to be slow to anger with Me,
 and my ya, ya -
Listening without the effort
 put forward of actually-

Oh, Lord, turn my listening into action.
Give me courage to be slow when needed.
And heaven help me to be quick
 when I need to be.

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