Sunday, February 12, 2017

Gordon John- Child of God

So our newest Grandson-#4- 
Gordon John Schumacher.
He might have a nickname brewing.
Yea- that flash man.
 claimed by Jesus
a child loved
Preparations for a special day.
With water and the Word
baptized by Grandpa John.
Sarah and (Thad- absent) Sankey
Emily and (Stephen- absent) Blank 
Thanking God for the surrounding
 of faithful friends and family.
Love the Rose window at
 University Lutheran Chapel
 Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Grandma Decker 
was a part of the special day.
Wonderful to have so many of the Decker family
 joining us for the baptism.
Papa and Gigi 
with the Schumacher family
Daddy Joshua's sister- Emily
 joined us from Las Vegas Nevada
Family friend- Sarah Sankey 
has been second mom
 to Griffin as his caregiver.
great to have the Meiers
 join the celebration-
Sister Jessica, Dan and Jack
The new little Schumacher family
Laura and Joshua 
Griffin and Gordon
The Sankey brothers,
big brother Griffin and 
cousin Jack-
looks like this will be a
 force to be reckoned with in the future.
Sister Jessica 
Cousin Jack and 
We give thanks for the 
blessing of faith-
one generation to the next.

And give thanks that 
Gordon John has been granted
 the gift of faith 
through the waters of Baptism.

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