Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Orleans -Dining Love

Starting out with a New Orleans tradition.
Time to dine here?
                                                                                 (photo from website)
Super Bowl Sunday.
 No reservation.
No waiting.
 No problem.
(It filled up later on.)
Loved the Crabmeat Yvonne.
An early birthday Celebration.
 Breakfast at Brennan's
Where they created Bananas Foster.
So you might need to have that-
 even for Breakfast.
housemade English muffins, 
coffee cured Canadian bacon,
 hollandaise, marchand de vin sauce
And fun to celebrate with a friend-
 who is having a very special birthday.
We were gifted 
with our own Brennan's apron.
                                                                                  (photo from website)

Brennan's has a courtyard-
 with flowers and a turtle pond.
A pleasant Winter evening 
under the lights and full moon?
Try The Court of Two Sisters.
Ah - that French bread.
Had to try the Shrimp and Grits. 
And a walk to Cafe Du Monde-
a New Orleans institution-
Chicory coffee and beignets-
 since the early 1860's.
(Our first attempt in getting there was during
 the tornado that hit New Orleans.
We hurried back to the hotel and returned later on.)

Bourbon House-
trying out their signature beverage-
Frozen Milk Punch with 
bourbon and a touch of nutmeg.
And an impressive Bourbon display.
                                                                                      (photo from website)
Redfish on the Half Shell
Bourbon House
Creole House-Right on Canal Street-
the beautiful boulevard.
Great if staying at the Sheraton Hotel-
 this is right across the street.
Creole House
                                                            (photo from website)

Stop in for Shrimp and Grits-
anytime of the day.
And an evening on the Natchez 
was the perfect New Orleans tradition, 
for a view of the Crescent City.
 Yes, the paddle wheel really does turn,
and you get to greet others
 along the Mississippi River.
Buffet dining aboard.
Steamboat Natchez

All in all, a fun dining experience
 in New Orleans.
 And probably special enough to mark all 
celebrations for the year!

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