Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lenten Journaling

Sharing a bit of the Lenten journaling - 
along the way.
Never quite sure what to call it.
Prayer time.
 One word a day.
Daily spiritual whitespace.
This year I had the challenge of
wanting to use 
3 different reading materials.
 Here is the calendar page for
Faithful Facts for Lent by Paul L. Maier.
Calendar design by Bev Wicher.
Here is the journey with Mercy, Passion and Joy
- with writings by C.S. Lewis.
Calendar design by Sybil MacBeth.
This is the journaling with 
LIVING- the Gospel Life -
 Daily Devotions for Christians on a Mission-
Find the resources Here:
creative communications

 Calendar page by Patricia Maier.

I keep the process simple and doable 
by choosing the 4 colored pencils
 for the whole calendar.
I keep the calendar and booklet
 and colored pencils in a page protector.
Keeping it together.
to wherever in my day
 I can grab a few moments of quiet.
Sometimes I do all three- 
sometimes it is-
 one small space of margin.
All calendars can be found here:
DC Metro Bible Journaling
 in the Files section. 

Visual Faith- yes.
Visual Story-yes.
Visual Blessing-yes.
What a joy to be on this journey-
with OTHERS.

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