Friday, March 24, 2017

Tangle Prayer Cards

Tattered Angels has a product line of Tangle cards.
I had picked these up a while back
 at a Tuesday Morning.
Always a great spot to look for products
 that can become a simple prayer card.
For this prayer for Cork and Becky,
 I simply used the 4 by 6 card,
 and added watercolor. 
Then added the verse that we are praying
 over them at this time.

A blank card looks like this 
and the finished card on the right.
 Sharpie  permanent pens also work well.
Tattered Angel products are in Craft stores
 and here is a link on Amazon.
Tattered Tangles
The set above is the Mandala set
 which I have not been able to find.
 I purchased my card packets for $1.99 
and on Amazon they range up to $11.99 a pack-
 so a hunt for a deal is a must.

We will pray this verse over these dear folks-
a copy of the card is placed in our prayer journal.
Drawn to pray.....

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