Thursday, April 20, 2017

Here and About - Tecumseh, Michigan

Time to explore a bit on some beautiful
 Spring days in Southeast Michigan

If you stop by this delightful town it is good to know 
they do not pronounce the name of their town -
like they do in Tecumseh, Nebraska.
 The Michiganders say Tecumsee.

This little guy was a trooper.
 Stores fit an umbrella stroller well.
Once in a great while on "the hunt"
you can actually find 
what you are looking for on your list.
This vintage grocery store food display rack-
has been given new life as a
 vertical toy storage space for grandson Jack.
Totes on sale- Michael's 
and a 20% off all purchases to boot.

Love the architectural details
 in these small towns.
Tecumseh was incorporated in 1824
in Lenawee County, Michigan,
 where M-50 crosses the River Raisin.
 Population about 8,400.
 We had lunch here:

Another great spot with wonderful displays-
Where we found 
vintage table cloths - $8 apiece.
Always great to stop for ice cream.
If you have a day out with girlfriends-
 the British Pantry is a great stop - 
everyone in town gave it a high five.
the british pantry
Funky photo but a fun day together 
on and Easter Monday no-school day.


  1. Surprised to find out that my mom's old table cloths may be "vintage" :)

    1. Martha, I haven't been buying these for about 15 years- most markets they are priced out of my range- usually $25-$35 a piece anymore if in good condition. So they were a find! and yes your mom's tablecloths would fall in the vintage category...


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