Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lenten Journey Calendars- 2017

The Lenten Journey Calendars-
Sybil MacBeth calendar
With this calendar I used the devotional booklet-
Mercy, Passion and Joy- 
Reflections from the Writings of C.S. Lewis
Lenten calendar design by Bev Wicher.
This calendar Journey was called-
Faith Facts for Lent by Paul L. Maier.
This calendar design is by Pat Maier.
The devotions used for this one was
Living the Gospel Life-
 Lenten Reflections, by various authors.
I never really planned to do 
3 calendars for Lent this year.
There were just 3 devotion books
 I wanted to read.
 Then I couldn't decide which one
 I wouldn't do a calendar for this year.
I find it interesting that the words for each day
make such a RICH tapestry for the journey.
It is also a blessing that this 
spiritual practice is so "forgiving."
Get behind a couple days on a calendar or 2?
 Then catch up as you can.
Remember this is about 
"do as you can- not as you can't."
It was also fun to see snippets
 of calendars of friends
 who were participating 
along the way during Lent.
All in all - this discipline has been a blessing.

Calendars used here can be found 
in the Files section in the 
DC Metro Visual Faith Facebook Community
-2017 Lenten Calendars.

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