Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Prayers for my Children Flip Chart

Prayers for my Children
A Simple project to help remind me 
to pray for my children, 
spouses and grandchildren.
Middle daughter was home for a visit
 and we made one for her family to use.
We decided to "keep it simple"
to go along with the lifestyle of a busy momma.
I had precut pages left yet from 
when we started making these ten years ago.
 We had a printing company
 cut them out and punch them.
(worth the investment for the look of the finished product)
Washi tape saved the day.
 We picked out 4 sheets of scrapbooking paper 
to use throughout the project.
Doo-dads, tags, etc and a few embellishments.
We liked the look of torn paper 
and added some distress ink to the edges.
Secured the paper 
with double-sided sticky tape.

Thirty-one days of prayer on a flip-chart.
A few pages for photos of family.
 To use over and over again.
 Month after month.
 Year after year.
One mother reported that she said 
these prayers of blessing
 over her daughters for years. 
 When they went to college 
they told her,
"Mom, we know what you'll be praying
 over us each day.
 Keep on praying."
 This project can be found in the 
FILES section in the 
North Carolina Visual Faith Community FB Group:
Prayers for my children

The story is about preparing to pray,
creating the resource to pray,
and keeping it where you see it-
 to be reminded to pray.
Blessing our loved ones?
Can't beat that!

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