Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Empty Nest

One of the things I always 
do after a wind swept storm
 is to walk around the yard 
and look for nests 
that have been tugged
 loose from their moorings.
Some years there are none 
are then the next year
 the yard offers up one or two.
It was the flash of gold 
that caught my eye and led me to this nest.
Woven and mostly hidden right 
into the nest is the thin strand of shimmer.
Some forgotten birthday bow 
escaped from a trash bin.
And then redeemed with leaves
 and tiny twigs to give 
nurture and protection to tiny baby birds.
Yes, that's what nests are-
the place where we grow and raise the youngun's
and breathlessly wait for them to fly.
Years ago, a favorite term
 in our home was to "make a nest".
I hear it now in the homes of my daughters.
 We talk about "empty" nests and quiet houses-
and young parents look at you
 with longing-yes- that's 
another world to them.
Maybe all we can do when
 we are on the "other side of nesting"
is to continue to give encouragement 
and remind parents to tie in the golden strands
 of living together in faith with their children.
The empty nest comes all too quickly
 and then we wait for them to return 
here and there for visits in the future.
And once again, our children 
can be reminded of golden strands of memory
 that breathe grace, forgiveness, and hope
 into their lives as young parents.

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