Thursday, May 25, 2017

May Garden Walk

Tritoma- Red hot poker-
all names for this regal bloom 
standing as herald
 on the west side of the house.
Spiderwort and the old wagon wheel
Fairy rose and sedum
The Knock out roses out front 
beneath the crape myrtle
Meadow Rue 
clambering in the clematis
Purple Baptista
withe pink spirea 
and the honeysuckle on the fence
Evening primrose-
with the boxwood.
It has been wet and very rainy
here in Virginia.
Things are growing at jungle rate.
Trying to get ahead 
before the hot and humid days
 come for good.

Trimming bushes 
yielded an abandoned nest.
Always fun to see what turns up
 when we finally get to the yard in the spring.

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