Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mothering Daughter Mothers

 Mother's Day 2017-
 and still celebrating three daughters.
They are 30, 31, and 32.

They have blessed us
 with a growing bunch of boys.
The three youngest- all born in 2016.
A large part of the fun
 is sharing this journey with John.
Papa now is becoming Horde Manager.
Jessica and Jack.
Learning new tricks 
each and every day.
Laura with Griffin and Gordon.
Learning to share and be flexible.
Sara with Levi.
Learning to grab moments
 to capture small treasures.
 What could I have done 
differently to parent them well?
It's a long list.
Much went undone.
And still does.
But, in the cards received
 this year is an interesting word-
You just don't get this growing up- 
until you are a mother yourself.
You think you do-
but then you find out you were wrong.
Your rearranged life-
of giving up.
Your time, your space,
your first choices, 
your priorities.
Now, just a muddled, 
jumbled mess sometimes.
But, sacrificial giving--
 has rounded corners now,
and sighs and a sweet hug, 
and a cuddle.
And headed toward balls 
and trucks and trains.

So now-
in another phase of life-
mothering daughters who mother.
What a sweet gift and joy.
And I pray:

Heavenly Father,
 I give thanks that on this day,
 you have blessed our daughters 
with children of their own, 
for that is truly an amazing gift.
You have given them the ability to love well, 
love often, and love unconditionally. 
Jesus, thank you for modeling this for all of us.
 Cover all our parenting cues
 and miscues in grace.
Help us to put the best construction 
on everything.
Help us to give the give to our children
 of loving our spouses well.
Let us not take these good gifts for granted.
Help us to count them, each and every day.
One by one.
Two by two.
Three by three.
In the name of Jesus, I pray.

And just because you three girls are 
Go ahead and sing the song...
You know how it goes....
 Love, mom

Special thanks to Megan Schmitz
 for such beautiful photos.
Megan Schmitz Photo

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  1. Mom--
    So beautifully written. I can't thank you enough for the sacrificial love you have given us girls. The unconditional love you continue to pour into our lives is so needed and received with gracious hearts. Thank you for being the most amazing mama.
    We love you so much!



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