Monday, May 1, 2017

When You Miss Your One Chance

Well, this post may have a different direction
 than you were thinking...
 It is about lilacs.
About waiting all year long for those blooms
 of that common purple lilac.
And then you miss them....
 You watch as winter leaves
 and the buds swell,
and then you see the florets march 
their way along the stems.
And then you leave town-
for three weeks, 
and temps soar into the 90's.
 And you get back after dark
 and grab a flashlight and race around the house-
searching, searching, searching,
for one hidden gem that might have waited
 to the LAST minute to burst into bloom.
I could smell their scent in my memory.
And there wasn't ONE.
Not one, not a measly one.
But, in the morning light, 
I spotted them.
The Miss Kim lilacs,
 a peony, and the May lilacs.
And once again, I am reminded of-
good gifts given.
While I thought I had missed my one chance-
the blessing of the day-
here was a bountiful gathering 
of His good and gracious gift.
Such generous provision-
each and every day.

And light is everything-
the lilacs in the morning light.

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