Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bible Marginalia-Love One Another

Bible Marginalia Series- #252

2 John
Walking in Truth and Love.
 Love the salutation in this section-
 "to the elect lady and her children."
Joy that some of her children 
were walking in the truth.
We know it is full joy when all
of our children walk in the truth.
"And now I ask you, dear lady-
not as though I were writing you
 a new commandment, 
but the one that we have had
 from the beginning-
that we love one another."

An intimate relationship here-
ministry friends, 
discipling, mentoring
 and encouraging one another,
walking in faith together.
And one word that makes it all
hang together- ABIDE.
Not a new thing,
just this one thing,
this very hard thing.
Called to live it out,
but just this one thing-

Experimenting with
 paper napkins in my Bible.
(The LOVE word 
and gold sparkles is the napkin)
 Tri- Art clear Gesso
 Make-up sponge
Washi Tape
Colored pencils

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