Friday, June 2, 2017

Living Blessed- Part 1

 For a few days in early April 
we had all four grandboys 
hanging out at the same time in Virginia.
Daughters arranged a family
 photo shoot- right in the back yard.
 If you have ever tried to get
 2 kids to look at the camera----
well, you know the challenge with 4 of them. 
 And then we had to sneak in kisses and snuggles-
 in between the jostling, and coaxing, and well, yes, 
outright bribing.
 On the move and moving parts- 
all the time-
and of course they smiled-
as soon as we were done.

Brothers- Griffin and Gordon here.

                                  Cousins Levi and Jack 
sure know how to make Papa smile.
 And someone has to direct the party.

And we have been greatly blessed.
For two parents that raised only girls-
we now are learning 
about the "other" side of the world.
What fun!

Oh give thanks to the Lord,
 for He is good;
for his steadfast love
endures forever,


Photos courtesy of 
Megan Schmitz Photography

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