Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Stairway Gallery Wall

     This spot in my house 
is really challenging to photograph.
But, it is one of my favorite areas.
It is the stairway to the lower level.
The main reason it ended up a gallery wall-
this way, 
is because I can't hang things in straight lines.
And this wall changes all the time.
Seasonally, on a whim,
or as other treasures come along.

The main reason change
 is so easy is the use of clip boards 
and wooden pant hangers.
They are quick to change out. 

Wooden hangers found in antique stores. 
Hotel Washington- Washington DC. and 
Southern Hotel- Baltimore MD.
Found these hangers in Indiana- 
maybe from a long ago trip
 of sightseeing to the EAST.
They hold old linens and lace-
 easy to flip out and change it up.
Flat canvas works great
 to add printable Bible verses 
and encouragement.
Just Mod- Podge them on a painted canvas.
Use both sides and change it out.
 This mixed-media project uses a cereal box side 
covered in tissue paper as the base 
for vintage papers and add- ons.
This artwork is just stunning. 
This vintage graphic is from 
Kate Krause Ball done in 1940
from a IDEALS magazine of that era.
It is a depiction of the life of Christ.
In minute detail and lettering.
Before graphic design tools. 
A bit about Kate Ball-
Kate was a lifelong resident of El Paso, Texas.
She was a commercial artist, art teacher, 
fine art painter and creator 
of many illuminated religious scrolls of 
Bible verses, which in 1952 
were exhibited at the Library of Congress. 
Many of these illuminations 
were reproduced in a book, Thus It Is Written,
which was the first 
of many illustrated publications 
she did for Ideals.
She won an award 
for newspaper illustrations at age 10.

Visual faith and mixed media projects
come and go 
and get rearranged on this gallery wall.
The story keeps changing 
and that is what a gallery wall
 is all about anyhow.

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