Friday, July 7, 2017

Americana Roundup

Some things are just iconic around 
our house for the days of July.
Vintage 100 year old postcards are one of them.
Quirky Uncle Sam and Miss Liberty is another.
Old things- 
stars and stripes and flags work too.
Patriotic sheet music
Or a  Life, liberty 
and the pursuit of happiness cross-stitch.
The handmade star angel 
and the old quilt bear work too.
 A vintage milk carrier holds 
red, white and blue on a robin's egg blue door.
 There is a blue jar of old dominos 
by a grain scoop candle holder
with an old screen door 
holding up a quilted flag.
                                                          The grain sieve 
with hearts and stars on wood and a
Michael's store find from last century.
Gardening tools 
with a chippy green shutter and 
I LOVE the USA. 
                          My mom's colander and stand got spruced up 
with flowers around the house 
and some Michael's polka dot daisies and star picks.
 A coca-cola carrying case 
always works as a prop stand.

 The Chautauqua black board  
greets my dad's brown bottles, 
grater and blue insulators 
 that cozy up a wood box.
 Vintage pool balls hold centerstage 
on a wood (and dusty)
 ironing board.
  The collection of granite coffee pots grace 
an old metal topped stool,
 crib side railing and folding ruler star.

 The blue sap bucket
 holds the fort in the rusty metal box.
(The word FREEDOM 
added with the VRSLY app.)
 An maybe there is 
nothing more celebratory 
than a bowl of cherries 
on a stars and stripes napkin.

Glorious 4th of July festivities
 happened all around the country.
They certainly remind me of the 
amazing blessing of living
 in the United States of America.
God Bless America.


  1. Constance, you must have one of the most beautiful homes ever!!!! Joy and peace in our Savior this day....

    1. thank you Cindy! it is just a collection of a bunch of old stuff that gets rearranged seasonally and brings me much delight- and the things are saved from a dumpster too!


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