Saturday, July 22, 2017

IRONMAN Lake Placid 2017- Part One

So here is the story from a 
Spectator Viewpoint 
of the Ironman Lake Placid 2017.
It is a LONG way there 
and sometimes you just need
 a little break.
So what does an Ironman do?
 They swim 2.4 miles, 
then bike 112 miles, 
and then they do a MARATHON.
BUT, when you get there-
those Adirondack Mountains 
are certainly beautiful 
around Lake Placid.
 AND the gardens and flowers 
are simply stunning at the 
Whiteface Club and Resort.

Welcome to Lake Placid-
 this place is use to 
greeting top athletes.
At the Olympic Center downtown
 you have to scope out the greats
 on the Hall of Fame Wall.
Eric Heiden, the 1980 Hockey Team,
 and Dick Button lend the credence 
of greatness to the Jack Shea Rink.
Cliff Bar takes a photo 
of the cheer squad with TRIGUY- Dan.
His parents- Peter and Kathy Meier.
Dan and Jess Meier and son Jack.
Sister-in-law Sara Wilson and son Levi.
And the inlaws- John and Connie Denninger.
You get to meet the Team Organizers
 for the fundraisers for MMRF, 
make a cheer sign 
and have some photo ops
 at the athlete center.
You get to hang out at the beach
 and plan your swim strategy.
You just chill and look
 at the gorgeous mountain views.
a bit of time to sit
There was the birthday dinner 
for Grandpa John
 at the Dancing Bear Restaurant.
You go to the Opening Ceremony
 and hear some encouraging speakers 
and dance a bit.
 You wash and sparkle your bike.
Take in the views of the 1932 Olympic site.
You go to the MMRF 
(Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation)
reception and hear from some survivors
 and Ironman winners.
You realize that this race is about so much
 more than running a big race. 
Your hard work of fundraising 
can be saving lives in the future.
And then you hear that Dan Meier 
was the Number 7 Fundraiser 
with a total of $10, 201 raised for MMRF.
And you are just proud already.
He is already a winner.

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