Sunday, July 16, 2017

Middle of the Night Blessing

 So summer travel can be a bit dicey.
 Storms roll through 
and the you get stuck 
or your plane doesn't arrive.
This week the Schumacher family 
were stranded in Boston
 because the FFA Center in Leesburg, VA
 had to evacuate because of  noxious fumes. 
So no flights into DC, BWI or National.
The hotels near the Boston airport 
shot up to $500 a night.
Then a helpful attendant called them up 
and said, "I can get you to BWI
 for the night does that help?"
A quick call to a 
very accommodating sister Sara,
 got them a ride from BWI to Springfield.
 So at 1:30 am they rolled in from a long day.
At 7 am Griffin announced to Gigi
 that it was time for "brekstet."
By 8 am we will playing croquet in the back yard 
and at the water station by 9 am.
 So we played fast, talked fast and by 1 pm
 they were on their way back to BWI and home.
But you just have to love it 
when unexpected 
little urchins (and their caregivers) 
arrive in the 
middle of the night 
and bless your day.
Thanks Lord!

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