Sunday, August 20, 2017

Visual Faith Event- Metro Detroit

Visual Faith Event-
Metro Detroit
Linger Longer in His Word
Beautiful Calligraphy Name tags
Room ready
Supplies on hand
Welcome to each person!
                                                                                                         photos by Kerri Lynn

 Pat Maier and Connie's Visual Faith-
Show and Tell Table
Candice Schwark, Denise Miller and 
Laureen Crocker
Full house- sweet baby and all

The Artist's Touch- 
Visual Faith Show and Tell
Connie, Candice and Pat
A great team!

Thanks Bev Wicher for joining Pat and I-
 all the way from New York!
My friends from the LCMS-
 Council of Presidents. 
 Demonstration tables
 Friends came from New York.
Attendees came from Atlanta.
Also met some online friends
 at this event- IRL!
Friends of friends were there.
Great to meet you - Karen Reincke!
Thanks to Illustrated Faith
 for your donation
 of supplies for this event.
Thanks to Thrivent Financial
 for the Action Grant 
to help subsidize this event.
Thanks to all the vendors, helpers, 
and set up and take down crews
 who joined us for this gathering.
Thanks Trevor for the awesome 
worship music
 and the tech support!

A wonderful time- over too quickly-
but we pray that all were blessed
 in their Visual Faith journey.
Linger Longer in the Word!


  1. Thank you so much, Connie for your wonderful overview of the Michigan Visual Faith Retreat - it is so nice to see this. When I am wrapped up in the details, I realized later that I didn't linger long enough over any one thing, so it so nice to see these photos and those others have posted...glad we did FaceTime LIVE too. I wanted to be sure to add the name of Laureen Crocker for her wonderful journaled notebooks on the display table. She really has taken that aspect to a nice level!
    So appreciate everyone's support, contributions and participation - especially you, Connie, and Pat Maier!!

    1. added Laureen and it takes a team for all of it! thanks so much to Candice!

  2. We would love to have you in Central California! Is that any kind of possible or do you know someone out here who does the same kind of thing?

    1. Cathey- some things are possible- we do have a Visual Faith Coach in CA--- email me at and I can give you some other details- I am also a presenter at an educators confs in Nov 2018 in CA


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