Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bible Marginalia-True Blessedness

 Bible Marginalia Series- #260

Luke 11
This section of Scripture starts 
with Jesus teaching them how to pray- 
the Lord's prayer.
Then the ask, seek, knock section.
Then it moves into demons and casting out spirits.
I always have to read this part a couple of times.
Just seems so unlike anything I know about.
Here we have- 
"whoever is not with me is against me."
Then the woman calls out to Jesus, 
speaking that his mother is blessed.
 His reply is- 
"Blessed rather are those who 
hear the word of God
 and Keep it."
Significant two-fold point here.
Yes- hearing the Word of God is important.
But- it demands a response.
Keeping the Word of God.
Doing what it says.
Here I used a piece of cardstock to cover a 
bleed-through issue on this page.
 It has spent about 2 years here.  
There was so much on this page- 
I couldn't decide which part 
was the significant part for ME.
This week it was verse 28.  
I love this part of Bible Journaling - 
that sometimes it takes a long time 
of looking at a section of Scripture
 till it falls in to place for what my heart
 needs to pay attention to.
That's a blessing.

Cardstock margin
Colored pencils
IF cabbie
Tim Holtz Label Letters
Black Sharpie
Fine-point Sharpie- non-bleeding

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