Saturday, September 9, 2017

Bible Marginalia- Thirsty Soul

Bible Marginalia Series- #263

Psalm 63

How much we search 
for all the things to fill us up.
To bring happiness and contentment...
To make life real...
and then we still feel empty.
And then a hurricane looms 
and all the stuff becomes less important.
So we come full circle to give thanks-
Because YOUR Steadfast Love,
your lovingkindness is better than life.
Thus I will BLESS YOU while I live, 
and lift up my hands in praise.
 No matter what....
No matter what the future...
No matter my immediate present day.
As my soul thirsts for you-
I find refreshment.

Dear Lord, we pray for all in the path
 of Hurricane Irma and where the destruction
 has already been in the past few days.
We remember all those yet who struggle in Texas,
 and the Western fires, 
and the deluge of rain in India
 and surrounding lands.
There is great chaos in our world, Lord.
In the midst of all this- 
may we still see you as 
the protector and provider.

Tri- Art Acrylic Medium
Pearlescent watercolors
Micron pen
Bible verse stamp
Alpha letters


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