Monday, October 16, 2017

Visual Faith- Charleston, West Virginia

We gathered on Saturday- October 14, 2017 
at St. Timothy Lutheran Church 
in Charleston, West Virginia
for a Visual Faith event.
It was great to have a non-gendered 
and intergenerational event.
Visual Faith coaches 
Kathryn Stanis and Wendy Hardy
 came from the Pittsburgh area
 to bring encouragement for "starting out" 
and what has worked for them 
to begin a Visual Faith ministry.
Participants were from a variety of area churches.
What a blessing to be together.
Lots of show and tell to share.
The mother -daughter team of 
Connie Denninger and Sara Wilson
 brought stories of encouragement 
for Visual Faith practices.
Pages from the Bible 
of artist Daphne Boder.
Visual Faith coaches - 
Daphne Boder and Pamm Moore-Haley
 and Jan Northcutt
were instrumental in bringing 
the details of the day together.
Michelle Fowler was the chef extraordinaire.

Faith Art Canvas shared by
mixed-media artist
Candice Mullins.

Pages journaled in a "regular" Bible by 
practitioner- Bobi Bryant.
I will continue to pray over this faith community.
It is always a blessing 
to see what the Lord does in the Kingdom
 from these Visual Faith gatherings.
We already know that He
 is about the Next Thing for participants 
that were gathered in this place-
 for such a Time as this!


  1. It's wonderful to read about this event in my home state! Wishing them many blessings on continuing these gatherings in His name!

    1. it was a wonderful time in a beautiful state........

  2. I had such a good time and felt inspired by all of the women there. Thank you for the pictures and keeping this blog going. I really feel this valley has a lot of strong Christian women with the potential to move mountains for God's Kingdom❤️


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