Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bible Marginalia- Belonging and Hearing

Bible Marginalia Series- #273

Reading in John.
Verses 42-59.
Contemplating closed ears.
Closed hearts.
Jesus always going against
 the flow of the norm.
Actually called the devil.
And murderous hearts.
As well as promise 
and HOPE and
eternal life sight.
Oh, Lord, I am so thankful 
that one of the things
 I will never see is eternal death.
On this day of a cataract surgery-
 I give thanks for that
 and the beginning of sight renewal.
That's a trust walk.

Tried out a few things from 
this Bible Journaling resource.
Some great smalls 
and vellums in this book.
Easily workable into whatever
 you might be journaling.
Always good to try something new.
A simple way for an effective 
pause to hep remember.
Here is the link:

Colored pencils
Fine-point Sharpie pen
Assorted stickers - Trusting in God

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