Thursday, November 23, 2017

Bible Marginalia-Glorify Him

Bible Marginalia Series- #271

Psalm 69:30
A napkin has a different 
version than in my Bible.
Glorify Him with Thanksgiving.
Magnify Him with Thanksgiving.
I think I like BOTH words.
Glorify-to praise and worship
Magnify-extol; glorify.
The term magnify is considered archaic.
Maybe that is something to consider.
Do I take time in private and public
 to give God praise?
Singing isn't my easiest thing.
In fact- it is kinda of hard.
But, my mind sings the melodies well.
I will sing songs of praise.
God is worthy.
This Thanksgiving Day-
it is a good reminder.
Thank You Heavenly Father.

Tri-Art Clear Gesso
Leaf cut-outs from 
Vintage Ideals Magazine Covers
Fine-point Sharpie pen-non-bleeding

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