Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Visual Faith- Christmas Prayer Calendars

 I start some things that SEEM
 like a great idea for Visual Faith practices,
but don't always follow through.
Anyone else like that?
4 calendars-for Advent.
BUT, they were all so different 
and I DID have 4 devotionals
 I was anxious to read.
My friend-
 Bev Wicher designed this calendar.
I used a Frederick Buchner devotion called-
Moving Toward the Manger.
Remember -
 I pick out 4 colored pencils before I start - 
and those are the colors
 I use for the whole calendar.
  My friend - 
Sybil MacBeth designed this calendar.
I used a Henri J. M. Nouwen devotional called-
Jesus- God's Promise.
 Sybil also designed this calendar-
 I love all the space to add extra doodles
 and tangles in prayer time 
around each space.
 My friend- 
Pat Maier designed this calendar.
I read Chad Bird's Glory to God in the Highest.

For me this year- it was a bit different 
in a recovery mode with cataract surgery
 on both eyes and not driving anywhere.
So I had a bit more time to do 4 calendars.
don't I have great and talented friends?
 I loved the words, the prayer time,
 the readings, 
and the heart of Advent in this practice.
 Thanks Lord, for your blessing
 of faithfulness to bring it to completion. 

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