Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Texas Hospitality

 This past week we were 
blessed to travel to Texas.
Some beautiful territory in the countryside
 a couple hours out of Houston.

A wonderful place to gather
 on a warmer day.
 We were treated to some 
very generous hospitality
 by the Harvey family.
 This family has impeccable 
down-home Texas style, with a
generous welcoming heart for those who
come to visit. 

These arrowheads and artifacts 
were all found on the property 
during the construction of the ranch house.
Some of the artifacts 
have been dated to over 2000 years old.
There is no way I can do justice
 to this beautiful ranch in my own photos.
So, I will share what I found
 in the book on the coffee table.
(and no, I didn't get the cover or author)

Time to get to know folks a bit.
Relax and get some work done too.
Home on the range at the close of the day,
and a bit of peace in the quiet.
Respite comes in all sorts of ways.

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