Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Here and About- St. Louis- Part 2

A menu of Ice cream Martinis of all flavors
 await the diner at 
Fountain on Locust in St. Louis.
Dill pickle potato soup 
and Almond Joy sundae-
just 2 of the note-worthy treats
 at this Art Deco inspired eatery.

 For Maximum Visual 
stop by YUCANDU
in Webster Groves.
All sorts of classes 
and party set ups galore.

Mixed-media findings heaven.
 Right next door is 
a SCENTsational shop.
KIND Soap company.
They make many of their products-
right in the store.
Lovely packaging,
beautifully displayed,
with a cold, lemonade drink welcome.
Can't go wrong with that!
 As we finished out our day
 we met the lovely shop owner 
of PAISLEY boutique.
She just happened to graduate 
from the same high school as myself-
Norwell High School in Ossian, Indiana.


Just never know who might be 
waiting at the counter 
to serve you some local goodness.

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