Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Blessed are...

       Worship into the Week.
Matthew 5:1-12 - the Beatitudes-
was the Gospel reading
 for this past Sunday.
All Saints Day (observed)
Using the printables from 
Visual Faith Ministry- 
for the Visual Church Year project.
November 2018- Lectionary B
Right into a small ring binder.
Pulling together images, 
words and sermon notes-
for reflection and responding.
Right into the week.
Used the bulletin front for a tip-in.
Snatched up graphics from the bulletin 
of the church where a daughter worshipped.
We sang the hymn- Love Divine, All Loves Excelling-
(see previous blog post)
and the text references for this hymn 
included one of the other readings for this Sunday.
Revelations 7:9-17
A hymn in the Sanctification section.
Been thinking about the Sermon on the Mount.
How hungry were people following this Jesus,
 for they had seen what he had done.
Healed their friends, 
brought hope to their families,
and treated them differently.
I believe the kernel of truth for me
 is to remember that Jesus 
always wants us to CAPTURE hearts with love-
and do it Differently than the way of the world.

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