Friday, November 2, 2018

Visual Church Year Journal

 I have been trying to figure out for some time now
 how I wanted to process 
the Visual Church Year Project 
materials on the Visual Faith Ministry website.
Visual Church Year Project
 In this current season of life and travel,
 we are never at the same church from week to week.
It has been hard to incorporate 
the materials, because often the worship service
 did not follow the Lectionary B format
 that is the design of these resources.  
The resources follow the Gospel reading
 for each Sunday of the Liturgical year.
            I had this small binder 
(from a Michael's clearance shelf)
 for a couple of years.
It came with heavy cardstock already in it,
 and seemed like the perfect starter.
So I began with the October 2018 set, 
and cut them apart.
 I added the Bible margin
 to my Enduring Word Bible-
(seen in previous posts on this blog)
and used parts of the rest of the printables
 on a 2-page spread.
I decided to keep it simple and use
what is around the house-
 in magazines and in the daily "junk" mail.
I will be making the effort to keep supplies simple,
 using materials found in all homes.
There might be a bit of washi tape 
here and there and a few other embellishments.
I am approaching this as a Worship into the Week process,
 with the focus on the "theme" or "take-away",
rather than the artistic styling of the layout.
It generally takes me the whole week
 to "put it together"
and I am looking for the THEME or thoughts
 from the reading for the journal pages.
So, these 4 layouts 
are for the whole month of October.
What has been a surprise is finding "usable"
phrases or lettering quite easily.
Findings were taken from a fitness,
 cooking and home-style magazine,
 as well as the month's "junk" mail.
I cut some lettering out of 
multiple headings to make the theme-
Follow ME.
The clue is to see things out of context.
I am keeping a small plastic bag 
to keep clippings together 
as I see them for future journal entries.
Why don't you join me in this 
Devotional Art process?

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