Friday, December 14, 2018

Bible Marginalia- Traveling Wisemen

Bible Marginalia- #299

Matthew 2:10
Focusing a bit on the journey right now.
Traveling... on the way to Bethlehem.
Joining in with Chelsea Wojcik and her book
The Traveling Wisemen.
Getting ready for Christmas
 is always a movement of the heart.
Thinking about those men of old-
who rejoiced exceedingly with great JOY.
Chelsea was recently 
sharing about her book on Instagram-
check out @travelingwisemen.
She asked who might join in the fun-
and I was in.
She sent a page right from her book
 and that went right into
my Interleaved Journaling bible.
You have a full page in this Bible and
that was just the right space.
this is similar to mine:

As I continue to move through Advent,
 I pray that my days are woven 
with exceedingly great Joy.
In the midst of the busy and the hustle
 and the "getting ready,"
may there also be rejoicing.

Perhaps the Traveling Wisemen
 is in contrast to all the drama of the Elf on the Shelf,
 Though that can be very fun, is that the 
Main Thing for the Main Thing of Christmas?
Finding the "journey spots" can be just as fun
 for your household as with the Wisemen.
Maybe your family is ready to add
 in this very good thing-
 for your Advent preparations.

Check out the book right here:


  1. Thank you Connie! What a fantastic page!

    1. thanks for sending me the page--- it was just so beautiful already- kept it pretty much as is- just added the star!


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