Saturday, January 30, 2016

The St. John's Bible-Vision of Isaiah

 Vision of Isaiah, 2005
Isaiah 6:1-13
Donald jackson
Scribes: poetry Sally Mae Joseph; 
text, Susan Leper
Vellum, with ink, pain and gold

"Isaiah envisions God enthroned in the Temple, 
here sown with its bricks and arches outlined in gold.
 Smoke from the altar veils the image of God, 
which would overcome his mortal servant. 
Gold letters repeat the words "Holy, Holy, Holy"
 in Hebrew, Greek and Latin, 
echoing the words of the angels 
who act as God's servants and as heralds
 of his magnificence. 
One angel holds the terrified prophet 
in his many wings and purifies his mouth 
with the touch of live coal, 
preparing him to receive God's word."

This illustration certainly shows
 just a bit of the incredible work
 in the temple of the priest and prophets there.
A tribute to this time 
of the Old Testament Temple.

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