Monday, January 30, 2017

White Grace Stillness

It caught me by surprise this morning-
the while blanket sifting over branch and lawn.
Normally I have watched all forecasts
 for snow for days and see 
the approaching weather systems.
Not today.
The stunning contrast of chair,
 bench and birdbath,
with hardlines.
 And then the edges rounded
 and slipping off gently.
And the reminder that yes today-
my sins have been made-
as white as snow.
Oh- a good day indeed.

Isaiah 1:18 
“Come now, let’s settle this,” says the Lord.
 “Though your sins are like scarlet, 
I will make them as white as snow.
 Though they are red like crimson, 
I will make them as white as wool.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Vintage Storage- Bible Journaling

Found this old, sort of beat up shelf 
with lots of little drawers in
North Carolina.
Needed a really good cleaning up.
Decided to just soak the plastic drawers.
Ah-  maybe add in some baking soda.
Used the one from the refrigerator.
Ya- time to replace that one anyhow.
The cardboard labels were pretty well gone.
Time to redo those.
So- new labels and clean.
Ready for my Bible Journaling corner.
A place to organize some
 of the "smalls" for
 labeling and illustrating projects.

Time to find out about the
Old Hickory Shoelace Company-
"Hickory Brands is a leading manufacturer
and supplier of foot care 
and athletic-related products. 
The company is unique because
 it is the only manufacturer in North America
 that produces both shoe laces
 and shoe polish. 
It also makes insoles, shoe cleaners 
and deodorizers, spikes for cleats, lanyards
 and sport socks. 
Hickory markets its products
 to all 50 states, 
as well as certain markets in Asia, 
Australia, Europe, the Middle East
 and South America. 
Founded in 1923 as 
Old Hickory Shoelace Company,
 Hickory Brands and its 10-Seconds 
division are headquartered in Hickory, N.C.

Found this same one on eBay for $75-
(and one for $120)
so mine was a deal for $20.
I kinda like the faded lettering on mine-
it fits the more muted colors when it hangs out.
Don't be afraid to give a good cleaning
 to an old vintage piece.
It just might be the storage piece
 that brings organization to your craft center.
And yes- for those of you that know me-
it's vertical space.
(photo of one found on eBay)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Blessing --Grandson #4

Gordon John Schumacher
Born December 28, 2016
 1:57 pm
7 lb. 12 oz  20 1/2 inches
Ann Arbor, Michigan
 The miracle of a beautiful baby
Beautifully formed 
And welcomed into a family
Big Brother Griffin
Momma-Laura  Daddy-Joshua
 Precious child with mother
Gordon John-
Grandpa John
Gordon John with Gigi

A gift from God.
Thank you, Lord.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

2016 Soul-Tending Reading

2016 Soul-Tending Reading Stack

It always feels good to sort through 
all the books in the house 
and assemble those read each year.
Thanking God for allowing me 
time and energy to sort through 
reading material that 
makes heart and soul connections.
A friend made a comment that not 
all my books in this stack 
were "theology" books.
True, True.
I believe that some of our "theology"
 thinking and thoughtfulness 
is found in the everyday lives we live, 
or the writings of others that make
 me contemplate my ordinary life.
Some were quick reads and others 
took me weeks till I turned the last page.
And then there is the stack of mystery writers
 that still clamor for my attention.
At least this stack of reading 
helps to balance that out a bit.
On the top of the stack is a book
 that was given to me by a friend 
who was cleaning out her book stacks.
a PRISONER and yet.....
by Corrie ten Boom.
Published in 1947 by Evangelical Publishers
 in Toronto Canada.
An autographed copy.
Probably diminished in value by all 
the pencil marks of the sale price.
$1.50 and a name and the price upped
 to $2.50 on the other side of the inside cover.
Sometimes I find it just amazing
 that I can hold a book in my hands 
that Corrie held in her own hands.
A giant in the faith that I have long admired.

I am wondering around the house today
 making stacks for the 
2017 Soul-Tending Reading List.
Part of the stack is already completed-
they were on the stack for 2016. 
Not bad thatI didn't get it all read in a year.
Yup- it is all process indeed.

 You can check out the stacks from 
previous years at the top of this blog
 on the page- Soul-Tending Reading. 

Do you have a stack of 
Soul-Tending reading for this year?
Any suggestions of what 
I need to add to my stack?
 Would love to see your comments!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Journaling Israel

Getting ready to head back to Israel 
and sharing how I journaled the last trip there.
We received this great guide 
from Imagine Tours and Travel.
I was looking for a way to both collect memorabilia 
while there, as well as organize anything 
like notes, postcards, and journaling.
Target has a binder 
that fits the pages of the tour book.
I had purchased mine at Staples--
(last year.)
 Divider pockets are the perfect thing
 for storing memorabilia.
Mini binder index dividers 
work to manage and label the sites to visit.
This is the binder that I found at Staples.
 I carefully cut the binding off the tour book, 
and hole-punched the pages
 to fit the binder rings.
 Once you measure this-
 use one of the pages as your "template."
I repurposed a heavy cardstock 
advertisement that came in the mail.
Took the 4 week reading and prayer plan-
folded it and added it to the insert.
It now fits perfectly 
in one of the divider pockets.
 Divider pages labeled the main areas for travel.
Pocket pages are great 
for inserting things to keep.
I had also found the mini-dividers
 with tabbed tops.
A few pieces of cardstock 
were added and this was perfect
 for attaching post cards with washi tape.

I used a small Moleskin mini-journal 
to take notes during the day. 
In the evening I transferred any 'Keeps"
 and notes to the journal.
The great part was that when I returned home-
my journal was finished!
A great way to learn along the way-
and be ready to review notes
 to share and tell the story.
And THAT is certainly what happens 
when you get back from an 
Israel and Jordan pilgrimage.


Friday, January 6, 2017

Epiphany Epiphany!

Bible Marginalia Series- #238
Matthew 2:1-12
Once again a Christms card 
with a place to journal on the back.
Full margins in Matthew.
Matthew is the only Gospel 
that tells of the visit of the Magi.
And they came and brought him gifts of gold, 
frankincense, and myrrh.
Costly gifts.
Wonder what costly gift 
I can lay at the feet of my King?
Certainly my will, my desires, and my goals- 
will cost me dearly to give up. 
Perhaps on the this Epiphany Day 
at the beginning of this 2017 year, 
that just might be what I spend
 my time thinking about.
Blessed New Year.

Christmas Card
Gold sewing thread
Gold Sharpie marker
paper clip
Epiphany hymn page

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas 12- The Way, the Truth, the Life

Bible Marginalia Series- #237
John 14:6

I never really knew that the book of John
 was one of my favorites.
But, every time I come to find 
margin space it is already full.
So some creative work here for Christmas 12.
Daughter Laura, had a handmade 
water-colored card that I cut up 
to make a "dangle " margin addition.
The double -walled triangle 
has a center filled with the words-
I Am.
Then the words of John 14:6 
added in the triangle margin.
These words are certainly fitting
 as the Advent-Christmas 
liturgical season comes to a close.
What glad tidings to all who have come
 to see this newborn King this season.
 We rejoice and sing 
that the resurrection promise of eternal life 
gives us the HOPE 
that opens another year of living-
by faith.

Handmade card- watercolor
Colored pencils
Fine-point Sharpie pen
Gold sewing thread
Blue paper clip

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas 11- Star of Bethlehem

 Bible Marginalia Series- #236
Numbers 24:17
Star of Bethlehem

A collage of Bethlehem stars

from Christmas cards 
provide the visuals 
for this look at the star out of Jacob.
 Jesus is here prophetically 
called a Star and a Scepter.
 He is glorious like a star, 
and has all authority to rule,
 as pictured by a scepter.
"Balaam saw that it pleased the Lord 
to bless Israel.
And the Spirit of God came upon him."

And we give thanks that this 
Old testament prophecy
became our gift of Jesus.
The Star of Bethlehem- 
and we await His second coming.
We celebrate the Light of the World.

Christmas card collage
Colored pencils
Fine-point Sharpie pen
Brown Elegant Writer Calligraphy pen
Washi tape

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas 10-Blossom Of Peace

Bible Marginalia Series-#235
 Hebrews 11:11-16
Stories of faith.
Faith leaders, faith trusters.
Believing in a promise they cannot see.
Wanderers in a strange land,
Exiles looking for the promised land.
Seeking a homeland 
that may not come in their lifetime.
Praying for the homeland of eternity.
Living day-to day, without all the answers.
That is certainly how it sometimes feels in 
the new year.
Wondering if THIS YEAR 
we will feel less nomadic.
Knowing that in the past years-
the ups and downs come.
The challenges- both exciting and new.
The challenges- both familiar and old.
And so the Christmas Rose- 
The Christ of Peace-
 brings us the comfort that we live-
and LOVED.
The peace bringer 
Lives with US.

Illustrated Faith Washi Tape
Washi Tape
Printed cardstock
Colored pencils
Fine-point Sharpie pen

Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas 9- Eyes of Faith

Bible Marginalia Series-#234
Hebrews 11:1
Eyes of Faith
Just gotta have faith.
Sometimes we have certainty 
because we can see and know things.
Sometimes we just have to trust-
 and live in that peace, 
even when we can't see around 
the next bend in the road, 
or even the next step ahead.
Looking for evidence,
the proven,
the acknowledged, 
and the "sure thing."

Simeon got to be the witness
 for the promise fulfilled.
 The hope for things to come,
and the new day dawning.
Oh, this faith thing is a gift.
Kind of goes against our old human nature.
But, it does give substance to our lives,
and eyes to "see" the unseen.

Christmas card
Washi tape
Illustrated Faith die-cuts,
Colored pencils
Fine-oint Sharpie pen
Bible Verse stamp

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas 8- Holy Name of Jesus

Bible Marginalia Series-#233
Acts 2:21
"And it shall come to pass 
that everyone who calls upon
 the name of the Lord shall be saved."
The name of Jesus- 
what power in this name.
Certainly the right place to start the new year-
living life in the name of Jesus,

Once again- 
simply adding a Christmas card tip-in-
so a place to journal on the backside.
Love the collage design.
Jesus- name above all names.
Simply the best gift.

Christmas card
Washi tape