Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Grandlove Top Nine

Griffin Joshua
Top Nine 2019
Grandlove #1
Seems like this guys hangs
 out a lot with others-
siblings and cousins. 
Levi Michael
Top Nine 2019
Grandlove #2
Jackson Frederick
 Top Nine 2019
Grandlove #3
Gordon John
Top Nine 2019
Grandlove #4

Isaiah John
Top Nine 2019
Grandlove #5
Charleston John
Top Nine 2019
Grandlove #6
Jonah Dalton
 Top Nine 2019
Grandlove #7
Hadley Grace
Top Nine 2019
Grandlove #8

All Blessings Beyond Measure.
Thank you Lord.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Scripture Doodles- December

 Scripture Doodles- December
One or phrase a day from my daily devotions
with Portals of Prayer 
by Concordia Publishing House.
Four colored pencils
and a marker.
Always interesting to see what 
fills out the tiny squares each month.
The calendar is where grace shows up
 to light random words into
 journey markings.

The December Portals of Prayer devotions 
were written by Rev. Aaron Koch 
of Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Soul -Tending Reading 2019

Soul - Tending Reading List for 2019
Soul-Tending Reading 2019
  • Sculptor Spirit- Leopoldo Sanchez 
  • The Poisonwood Bible- Barbara Kingsolver
  • Canoeing the Mountains- Tod Bollinger
  • Liturgy of the Ordinary- Tish Warren
  • The Weekend that Changed the World- Peter Walker
  • A Martyr's Faith in a Faithless World- Bryan Wolfmueller
  • Remember God- Annie Downs
  • Households of Faith-Barna and the Lutheran Hour
  • Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age- Barna- (reread)
  • The Reluctant Witness- Everts
  • In the Fullness of Time-Maier
  • A Visual Guide to Gospel Events- Martin/Beck/Hansen

Here is the stack of actually read for 2019.
Always good to see the journey.
What will you READ for 2020?

Friday, December 27, 2019

40 Year Anniversary

40 Years.
 Forty years since my first husband - 
Larry James Martin died.
Dec. 26, 1979.
Somehow I couldn't post yesterday.
Peace has certainly filled my life in the later years.
Nothing prepares you for losing
 your spouse so young.
 I was 24.
Tragic- yes.
But, in the aftermath of God's design- 
He brought restoration.
Beyond my wildest imagination.
 I saw a nephew a couple of weeks ago
 at my mother-in-law's funeral.
That was a treasured hug and a gift.
 A whole family.
 That I still love.
Nieces and nephews and all the in-laws.
Still in my prayers-
  Lord, may your work your mighty ways
 into all their lives - 
with blessings beyond imagination.
With the great hope of eternal reunion with 
ALL of my family, because of your son- Jesus.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Worship into the Week- A Savior is Born

 Worship into the Week
Christmas Eve
Matthew 1: 18-25
O Come let us Adore Him!
"She will bear a son and you shall call his name Jesus
 for He will save His people from their sins." v. 21
This Savior- for me.
Worship into the Week
Christmas Day
Luke 2:1-20

John 1:14
"And the Word became flesh
 and dwelt among us
and we have seen His Glory."
May we overflow this day with 
hope and joy by the power 
of the Holy Spirit.
Quiet reflection on this very special day.

collage of assorted Visual Church Year printables
Magazine cutouts
Junk mail
Watercolor pencils
Washi tape

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Advent Calendars 2019

One Word or phrase a day 
with my daily devotions.
Calendars from Visual Faith Ministry.
 Calendar designed by Bev Wicher.
Calendar designed by  Katie Helmreich.
 Thankful for the way that this practice 
helps me to slow down, 
pay attention and deal with distractions.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Worship into the Week- In This Way

Worship into the Week
Matthew 1: 18-25
 The Birth of Jesus Christ-
took place in this way.
I love how this sounds like a very 
familiar story that will be retold 
from one generation to the next.
Parents have read this section of Scripture 
to their children for centuries.
Sorting magazines and I came across 
this photo of the Nativity.
 I like the use of colors and I like the premise-
Connecting Art and Faith.
That is such an integral part of the premise
of  Visual Faith Ministry. 
May we remember that this Story
 includes each of us-
for the Rest of the Story.

Visual Church Year
Magazine cutouts
Junk Mail
Watercolor pencils
Fine-point Sharpie pen
Washi tape
 White Signo pen

Friday, December 20, 2019

Worship into the Week-Witnesses

Worship into the Week-
 Matthew 11: 2-15
Messengers from John the Baptist

John had heard about Jesus- the Christ,
while he was in prison
 and sent his disciples to ask if Jesus was "the one."
Jesus responds by telling those
 who had been with him-
 to tell John about what they had seen and heard.
They were witnesses,
they knew.
But, Jesus may not have seemed like
the Messiah.
The expectation was different
 than who arrived to fill the role.
In this moment Jesus speaks highly of John
and highlights the job 
of the one who came before.

Lord, help me to see the ways 
that I can be Your witness
 in each and every day. Amen. 

(This reading had me remembering 
childhood conversations about what we would
 fear the most- going blind, deaf,
 getting a bad disease or that we can't walk.
Now, I think about these things with being much older,
 and simply must cling in trust to my Jesus.
In the end- Jesus heals all things.)

Visual Faith Printable
Colored Pencils
Junk Mail 
Magazine cutouts

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Family Gathering- New Life Celebration

The funeral for Grandma D- Florene Denninger 
brought us all together from British Columbia, Canada,
Ontario, Canada, Virginia, Iowa and Michigan.
We gathered back at Lutheran Life Villages
 to eat and tell stories.
All the littles were gifted a harmonica- 
to remind us all to dance with joy because we 
"know that our Redeemer Lives."
Time with Papa and his guitar.
 We loved letting them all sing
 and make a joyful noise.

Time was spent looking 
at Grandma D's life albums.
So many stories of God's faithfulness.
 The littles had fun with each other.
 The Nord family gathers together.
 Time to hold and cuddle is always a good thing.
 Then biggest grand love 
with the youngest grand love.
 John gets some time to talk
 with his older brother.

Sara, David and Kathy with the 2 littlest grands.
The Denninger sisters- Top
The Graft sisters- Bottom 
(with spouses) 

Funerals are life moments 
to review and see priorities.
We give thanks that this 
faithful servant, Florene, could say:
"I have fought the good fight, 
I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."
2 Timothy 4:7

We give thanks for the faithful generations 
that have followed Florene.
May the Lord grant us each 
such a legacy too.

(Some edits have been made
 because of an adoption in process. 
We know you understand.)

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Faithful Servant- Florene Denninger

Florene Alma Marie Droegemueller Denninger
June 16, 1920- November 12, 2019
Nurse, Sunday School and Bible Class teacher, 
Lutheran School teacher 
for 25 years in Fort Wayne, Indiana, 
pianist and accompanist, Stephen minister.
But most of all, Florene-
 witnessed the life of invitation
 into her home-
 where she shared the truth of Scripture, 
and encouragement to all.
She lived out the joy and peace 
beyond understanding 
that grew out of her faith and trust 
in her Lord and Savior.
 Her Baptism Certificates-
Baptism- June 27, 1920

 An Advent Funeral is a Regeneration-
Genesis Again
New Life Forever.
An Advent funeral 
is our own journey to Bethlehem.
 The remembrance that this season 
before Christmas brings us HOPE.
Rev. Mike Wakeland reads God's Word
 at the funeral held at the 
Chapel at Lutheran Life Villages
 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
 Mother to Four Children.
Doris Denninger Hrachovina (already in Heaven)
David Denninger
Lois Denninger Nord
John Denninger
Grandma D to:
Martin, Micah and Aaron Nord
Jessica (Denninger) Meier
Laura (Denninger) Schumacher
Sara (Denninger) Wilson
Great Grandmother to:
Magdalena and Ezra Nord
Ruby and Eloise Nord 
Jackson and Charleston Meier
Griffin, Gordon and Hadley Schumacher
Levi, Isaiah, and Jonah Wilson
We sang Jesus Loves Me- 
to include all the young children
 as participants in the funeral.
 Funerals are often where 
one generation honors 
the previous generation.
And tries to make sense of death
 for the generation to follow.
Because Christ Lives
 we do not fear death.
Rev. Tom Eggold conducts
 the committal at Concordia Gardens.
 We watched the entombment.
 Grandma's resting space- 
now with Grandpa Bill.
We give thanks for the gift of life
 lived out so generously 
to her own family and others.
We give thanks for 
God's faithfulness to Florene.
The final words she heard on earth were:
 "For I am convinced that...
nothing in all creation, 
will be able to separate us from
 the love of God that is in 
Christ Jesus our Lord."