Oh this journey-
 of learning the relationship that is prayer.
Beyond the rote uttered prayers-
 to the heart cries-
 that mean I am talking to my friend.
The powerful, creator of the Universe friend.
Where it makes a difference.
 Where He always shows up.
And I forget on a daily basis
 to use this tool, this gift.

So on this blog the story unfolds of
 utter failings, 
grace growing,
learning in community, 
and the joy that comes from sharing
what He has done in my life.
When a prayer life
becomes real and
energized with the power
 of the Holy Spirit-
the very gates of hell shake.
That is because the power 
that rose Jesus from the dead lives in me.
Thank you, Jesus!


  1. Earlier this morning, my good friend and prayer partner were just discussing a Mother's heart cry with regards to prayer. Thank you for this confirming post! Blessings to you, Connie! I am always blessed and encouraged by your posts!
    Pamm Haley

    1. it is certainly wonderful to be lifted up with other prayer warriors-- and those who carry us when we need it!!!


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