Thursday, March 30, 2017

Those Idols- Worship into the Week

Bible Marginalia-#245
 The Old Testament reading 
this past week in worship
 included the section-
 Isaiah 42:10-25.
 We sang a Steve Merkel song- in worship.
has these words:
 "I have built an altar 
where I've worshipped things of man.
I have taken journeys
 that have drawn me far from you."
 And I thought about that during worship, 
and when I got home, 
and into the week.
That is the simplicity of the plan-
just worship into the week.
Time to reflect, 
and respond, and
pray about how these words
 might reach into my week.

Envelope wrap
Washi take 
Fine-point non-bleeding Sharpie pen
 Colored pencils

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lenten Journaling

Sharing a bit of the Lenten journaling - 
along the way.
Never quite sure what to call it.
Prayer time.
 One word a day.
Daily spiritual whitespace.
This year I had the challenge of
wanting to use 
3 different reading materials.
 Here is the calendar page for
Faithful Facts for Lent by Paul L. Maier.
Calendar design by Bev Wicher.
Here is the journey with Mercy, Passion and Joy
- with writings by C.S. Lewis.
Calendar design by Sybil MacBeth.
This is the journaling with 
LIVING- the Gospel Life -
 Daily Devotions for Christians on a Mission-
Find the resources Here:
creative communications

 Calendar page by Patricia Maier.

I keep the process simple and doable 
by choosing the 4 colored pencils
 for the whole calendar.
I keep the calendar and booklet
 and colored pencils in a page protector.
Keeping it together.
to wherever in my day
 I can grab a few moments of quiet.
Sometimes I do all three- 
sometimes it is-
 one small space of margin.
All calendars can be found here:
DC Metro Bible Journaling
 in the Files section. 

Visual Faith- yes.
Visual Story-yes.
Visual Blessing-yes.
What a joy to be on this journey-
with OTHERS.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Tangle Prayer Cards

Tattered Angels has a product line of Tangle cards.
I had picked these up a while back
 at a Tuesday Morning.
Always a great spot to look for products
 that can become a simple prayer card.
For this prayer for Cork and Becky,
 I simply used the 4 by 6 card,
 and added watercolor. 
Then added the verse that we are praying
 over them at this time.

A blank card looks like this 
and the finished card on the right.
 Sharpie  permanent pens also work well.
Tattered Angel products are in Craft stores
 and here is a link on Amazon.
Tattered Tangles
The set above is the Mandala set
 which I have not been able to find.
 I purchased my card packets for $1.99 
and on Amazon they range up to $11.99 a pack-
 so a hunt for a deal is a must.

We will pray this verse over these dear folks-
a copy of the card is placed in our prayer journal.
Drawn to pray.....

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bible Marginalia- Blessed Among Nations

Bible Marginalia Series- #244

I always tend to stand in awe of Abraham.
A faith that stood in the face of great challenge.
Yes- with the human failings too,
 that will follow all of us in our earthly travels.
But, it is the get back up
 and move forward part
 that gives me encouragement.
Chosen by God to be a great nation-
 to bring blessing to many people.
Each of us have also been chosen
 to bring blessings to others.
We may not be in the "Abraham category".
But, in the small choices day in and day out,
 along the pathways of our days,
 and the people we meet,
we are called to BE A BLESSING.

Lord, may we be granted the strength
 and the courage to boldly 
pursue this basic but powerful task.
In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

 Fine-point non-bleed Sharpie pen
Colored pencils
Washi tape

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Creative Haven- Open Studio

So what happens at a 
Creative Haven Open Studio?
Well, a little bit of everything.
Some time working on margins
 in our Journaling Bibles.
Catching up on what's happening
 in the lives of our friends,
or new friends.
Trying out a new medium or technique.
Finding the just right washi tape,
 or seeing a new product like- envelope wraps.
Time to finish up some Journaling started earlier.
Or color in one that you just finished lettering.
Or practicing your lettering style for Easter cards
you are making to send.
Using old hymn pages 
to highlight your Lenten thoughts,
and making the dedication page for a new Bible.
Or an Easter canvas made - 
ready to display in the home.

Sometimes Creative Haven is just about 
SPACE- in the margins of our lives-
 to catch up with a friend,
 sit around a table and eat supper together,
 congratulate a soon-to-be mom,
or check out some Lenten devotionals.

Bring your own things to work on
or find it when you arrive.
Always something to learn and share
when we are gathered here.
Thanks to all who came!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Saint Patrick's Day

We often forget that today is a celebration, 
that is really about a Saint.
"When he was about 16, he was captured by Irish pirates 
from his home in Britain, and taken as a slave to Ireland,
 looking after animals, where he lived for six years
 before escaping and returning to his family.
 After becoming a cleric,
 he returned to northern and western Ireland.
 In later life, he served as a bishop,
 but little is known about the places where he worked. 
By the seventh century, 
he had already come to be revered 
as the patron saint of Ireland." (Wikipedia)

The real St. Patrick may get a bit lost
 in the celebrations of the day.
Reading the connection of the green clover
 and the Trinity-
 helps us to pick out which of the symbols
 he would have used-  (three not four leaf clovers)

I visited Ireland in March 2000,
and kissed the Blarney Stone.
 One of my favorite places was Killarney-
serene and beautiful by the lake.
Thinking it is time to go back.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Visual Faith Creative Assembly- North Carolina

 We gathered at St Paul's Lutheran Church
 in Havelock, North Carolina on 
Saturday, March 11, 2017
 for a Visual Faith Creative Assembly.
 We began by taking a look at 
Proverbs 3: 1-6.
Words that stood out in our reading:
Remember, Keep, Bind, Write,
Seek, Find, Acknowledge, 
Show, Trust, 
Straight Paths and Walk in Confidence.
That sounds like a framework for 
Visual Faith endeavors.

Each spot at the table was ready for guests.
Megan Daub and Jean White 
were the organizers of this event.
They both shared a piece 
of their "visual faith story",
as well as special guests:
Peggy Thibodeau and
Belinda Bost.
 In the morning we talked about
 roadblocks to prayer and shared 
how to make prayer cards.
We talked about Visual Prayer
and our Lenten Journey.
Our gathering included men, 
women and children.
A catered lunch from Crabby Patty's
 In the afternoon Peggy shared a
 Watercoloring Demonstration
 for Bible Journaling after lunch.
She shared how images can start with tracing.
and gave some tips on page preps.
Belinda Bost encouraged us
 to share our faith story in our homes.
She then led us in a Make and Take- 
using playing cards.
 A ready note to bless another.

A resource table had books for purchase:
Writing in the Margins- Lisa Hickman
Pray and Color- Sybil MacBeth
Complete Guide to Bible Journaling- 
Joanne Fink and Regina Yoder
Illuminated Journaling- Jann Gray
These books serve as a basic how-to library
 for Visual Faith endeavors.
It was a colorful group
 that joined us for our gathering.
Fun thank you gifts for the organizers
 and presenters for our day.
Visual Faith Coach bags.
Find the canvas bags here:
harbor freight canvas-riggers-bag

We give thanks for all those who attended
 and helped to make this day such a blessing.
We look forward to hearing the stories 
of how more Visual Faith stories unfold.

 Giving thanks today-
 as this is the 900th post of Vintage Grace.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Prayer- On Being....

 A friend recently sent me a portion of
 a podcast that she had listened to and I share it here.

"On Being" podcast. 
Padraig O Tuama,
 an Irish man talking about how he prays.

“Neither I, nor the poets I love,
 found the keys to the kingdom of prayer
 and we cannot force God
 to stumble over us where we sit.
 But, I know that it’s a good idea
 to sit anyway. 
So every morning I sit,
 I kneel, waiting, 
making friends with the habit of listening,
 hoping that I’m being listened to. 
There, I greet God in my own disorder. 
I say hello to my chaos, my unmade decisions,
 my unmade bed, my desire and my trouble.
 I say hello to distraction and privilege,
 I greet the day and I greet my beloved 
and bewildering Jesus.
 I recognize and greet my burdens,
 my luck, my controlled and uncontrollable story.
 I greet my untold stories, my unfolding story,
 my unloved body, my own love, my own body.
 I greet the things I think will happen 
and I say hello to everything
 I do not know about the day.
 I greet my own small world
 and I hope that I can meet
 the bigger world that day. 
I greet my story and hope that I can forget
 my story during the day, 
and hope that I can hear some stories,
 and greet some surprising stories
 during the long day ahead.
 I greet God,
 and I greet the God 
who is more God than the God I greet.
  Hello to you all,
 I say, as the sun rises 
above the chimneys of North Belfast.

Somehow- greeting God 
in my own disorder- strikes home.
 Perhaps too often I have a habit
 of making a Big God
 try to fit in my small world.

Lord, enlarge my world of listening,
help me to capture the stories of others,
that I may see YOU in the day to day 
of family, friends and neighbors. Amen.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Visual Faith Retreat at the Villages- Florida

Praying in Color:
Illustrating My Faith
Feb 24-25, 2017
we gathered at 
Amazing Grace Lutheran Church
at the Villages, Florida for a retreat event.
They had prepared for and prayed
 over this gathering.
The local newspaper had shared the story.
Things look a bit different in this part of Florida.
Amazing Grace Lutheran Church
 has four legged neighbors 
on two sides of their property.
I think there are more golf carts
 than cars in this area.
And I looked for the alligators.
There was great welcome 
and hospitality here in this place.
Preparations made to gather them in.
 112 participants for this event.
Visual Art graced the sanctuary
 and gathering area.
A welcoming space,
supplies for each person in a 
handmade cloth bag tied with a bow,
 a well-done skit,
new friends, and great conversations.
A look at Sybil MacBeth's introduction to 
Praying in Color.
A simple way to use any piece
 of blank paper for prayer.
Visual prayer:
ways to slow down, 
pay attention and deal with distractions.
Graph paper for prayer time.
Simple shapes for teaching
 the petitions of the Lord's Prayer.
Graph paper prayer-
with our words.
Everyone received 
Sybil MacBeth's Pray and Color book.
Other resources were given as door prizes-
like Lisa Hickman's- Writing in the Margins.
Praying for our children and grandchildren-
 a way to bless others.
We talked about ways to use the product line
 of Joanne Fink for Visual Prayer. 
Journals from our Junk Mail.
Psalm Summaries with wine cork
 stamps and magazine cutouts.
Black ink tangles to make 
individual prayer cards-
 and keep them in a 
baseball card holder from Staples.
Gratitude Journals- One Thing a Day-
Day after Day.
Prayers by the Month and
Advent and Lent Visual Journeys.
Baptism and Confirmation Story books- 
ways to bless and conversation starters.
Tools to use in our own families.
A blessing to be with Arleen Bohlmann
 from the Southeastern District.
  Edith Walton - wife of LCMS Florida-Georgia 
District President Rev. Greg Walton
 joined us on Saturday.
And time to make a whole lot of new friends.
The women came in colorful attire to the 
Praying in Color Retreat.
Show and Tell tables
Resources and supplies.

 Time to check things out
 and ask questions.
Pray about personal spiritual practices.
Bible Journaling was introduced.
Time to read, reflect and respond
in the margins of our Bibles.
Telling the story of the intersection
 of God's Word and our World.
Sharing the VRSLY app on the iPhone 
may have created a whole team of
Deployed Digital Missioners.

Time with a very special friend from
 Concordia College- 
Ann Arbor, Michigan days.
Cathy Driller trusted a friendship
 from 42 years ago 
and the nudges from the Holy Spirit 
to bring together 
a celebration of faith, 
prayer and spiritual formation.
A retreat covered in grace and connections-
 and we Give Thanks to the Lord.
And we can't WAIT
 to see what Kingdom fruit grows-
and to hear the STORIES.

And if you can't remember
 how to reach me to tell the story, 
or can't find the card you took,
 here you go.

 A VERY SPECIAL thank you to Thrivent 
for 2 ACTION GRANTS that blessed this gathering.

Some had asked for the link to the Youtube
 of the flip- through
 of the Gospel of John
 in my Journaling Bible- here it is-
The Gospel of John