Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Charleston Love

Timing is everything.
I don't read much of the Washington Post
 but happened to see this mid- July.
Food review and a don't miss in Charleston, SC.
Thank you very much- 
we were headed there the next day.
Rodney Scott won the 
James Beard Award in May 2018
 for the Best Chef in the Southeast.
No small feat.
So- is this destination dining?
If so, it was pretty great.
Small place, packed house.
Had to juggle to grab seating inside.
Everything outside captured the
 smell of the meats
 in the smoke house out back.
Right next door is a 3 floor 
Art Supply paradise.
Artist and Craftsman Supply Uptown
Also worth the stop to browse.
 A city of crape myrtles, 
white painted bricks and black shutters.
 Pink building, wrought iron, 
and pink mandevilla.
Always a winner.
So when you have a grandson 
named after this iconic city 
you have to check out some of the local lore.
We were in town for the 
Ordination and Installation of a new pastor-
Rev. Adam Kosberg and Sonja 
at Calvary Lutheran in Charleston, Virginia.
 We shared a great meal at High Cotton
 in downtown Charleston, SC.
A wonderful relaxing weekend hosted
 by Rev. Ed and Susan Grant.
Thank you very much!
A souvenir that just
 had to come home with us.
Good-bye Charleston-
till we see you again.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Enduring Word Bible- All Things Well

Enduring Word Bible- #16

Mark 7
Right on the heels of walking on water, 
healings and more healings,
there is the deaf man in the Decapolis.
A healing that was done privately,
 removed from the crowds.
Then Jesus charged them to tell no one.
Next, it was trending on twitter.
 I always wonder if this is Jesus
 using reverse psychology.

"The more he charged them, 
the more zealously they proclaimed it.
And they were astonished
 beyond measure, saying, 
"He has done all things well.
 He even makes the deaf hear
 and the mute speak."

So this guy they have known 
for ages can now hear and speak plainly.
So that is probably something 
to talk about at the dinner table, 
and with your neighbors, 
and actually to anyone who will listen.
No wonder they reach the conclusion:
"He has done all things well."
An exemplary report card-
in fact, we know it was perfect.

Colored pencils
Washi tape
Tab arrow

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Bible Marginalia- Enduring Forever

Bible Marginalia -#297
Daniel 6
Landed right in the middle of the Daniel story.
Wish I could start at the beginning 
of a chapter but that doesn't seem to always happen.
Sometimes I like to see how the story ends
 and then go back to the beginning.
Daniel is accused of maligning the King's decree
 about worship and obedience.
It goes downhill from there.
Then Daniel is kept safe, the King finds him alive,
 and the King is "exceedingly glad."
Then the news is bad for Daniel's accusers.
 The malicious accusers, their children,
 and their wives
 are cast into the den of lions.
Think sometimes this part of the story
 is left out  of the Sunday School lessons.
v.24 "And before they reached 
the bottom of the den,
 the lions overpowered them
 and broke all their bones in pieces."
Next King Darius has something 
to say about Daniel's God.
 This is really a pretty amazing document
 of communication that King Darius 
writes after finding Daniel alive in the lion's den.
He writes this decree to all the peoples, nations,
 and languages that dwell in all the earth.
Even with all the technology in today's world,
 I can't imagine our own President 
attempting such a feat.
He outlines the basic truths
 as he has witnessed.
A basic outline format seemed to make
 the most sense for these points.
People are to tremble in fear and awe
 before this God of Daniel
1. He is the living God.
2. His Kingdom shall never be destroyed.
3. His dominion shall be to the end.
4. He delivers and rescues.
5. He works signs and wonders.
6. He saved Daniel form the power of the lions.
All this is enduring forever 
in heaven and on earth.

That is a pretty amazing decree 
even in this day and age.
And we are right now caught up in the
 endures forever part of the timeline.
Quite a bit of reassurance right there.
Our God is down-right mighty and powerful-
on both sides of the lion's den.

 Colored pencils
Micron pen

Friday, July 27, 2018


The Wild Bunch 
gathered at the Beach this year
to spend some wonderful family time.
This post will record the challenge 
of capturing the moments of fun 
with 6 little boys and their parents.
This photo shows just that.
We got them all in. 
Then we lost the mobile troops.
Our week included time strolling
 around in the neighborhood.
Fun with the piano guys.
Fort building.
Enjoying the beautiful flowers.
Sunning and shading.
Watching CARS.
A New Beach Game-
KUBB- a Swedish block game.
 Digging in the Sand.
Sand rolling.
Shadow chasing.
Sandy kisses.
Book reading.
Silliness in our 
one hour out shopping.
Great chefs.
Wild meal times.
Singing and hopping to Papa on his guitar.
Secret conversations.
31 takes to get them all lined up together.
Scrabbling boys.
 Juggling boys.
Hustling boys.
Grandson #1 Griffin- 
 Leader of the Pack
Grandson #2- Levi
The first in the 2016 Trio
Rhythm Guy
Grandson #3-
Jack - The Middle 2016 Dude
(AKA- Batman)
Grandson #4
Gordon- Mr. Fix-It
Grandson #5-
Isaiah- 4 month old -Mr. Big
Grandson #6
2 month-Charlie Cutie
Thanks Bayside and 
Fenwick Island, Delaware
 for a wonderful week of lifetime memories.
We give thanks for His goodness.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Enduring Word Bible- Be Clean

Enduring Word Bible- #15

Naaman Healed of Leprosy

The young servant girl used her voice
to bring a blessing to Naaman.
 The request seemed ridiculous- 
"Go and wash in the Jordan seven times".
Naaman is offended at Elisha's direction.
But, once again it was his servants 
that spoke words of blessing into his life. 
They convinced him to do it.
Basically, what do you have to lose?
I love this story of restoration.
Especially, that the Lord used 
the least to bring about 
His will of healing for Naaman.
A wonderful reminder that God 
can use any of us
to further His Kingdom plan.

Colored pencils
Micron pen
Washi tape