Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Reformation 500- God on OUR side

 This is at St. Peter Lutheran Church 
in Schaumburg, Illinois.
The artist/ teacher Joanna Eden 
directed the work 
of her students to create this.
She drew the outline 
and the students painted it in.
On this Reformation Day-
may we still live as if-

This is Most Certainly True.

I heard this song today- 
"If God Had Not Been on Our Side"
by Martin Luther
 and the words
 have stuck with me all day.
Wonderful words to ponder 
on this 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.
Make sure you click the link
 to hear the song on You Tube.

"If God Had Not Been on Our Side"
by Martin Luther, 1483-1546
1. If God had not been on our side
And had not come to aid us,
The foes with all their power and pride
Would surely have dismayed us;
For we, His flock, would have to fear
The threat of men both far and near
Who rise in might against us.
2. Their furious wrath, did God permit,
Would surely have consumed us
And as a deep and yawning pit
With life and limb entombed us.
Like men o'er whom dark waters roll
Their wrath would have engulfed our soul
And, like a flood, o'erwhelmed us.
3. Blest be the Lord, who foiled their threat
That they could not devour us;
Our souls, like birds, escaped their net,
They could not overpower us.
The snare is boken-we are free!
Our help is ever, Lord, in Thee,
Who madest earth and heaven.
Hymn 267
The Lutheran Hymnal
Text: Ps. 124
Author: Martin Luther, 1524
Translated by: composite
Titled: "War' Gott nicht mit uns diese Zeit"
Tune: "War' Gott nicht mit uns"
1st Published in: Gesangbuch
Town: Wittenberg, 1537

Listen HERE:

Monday, October 30, 2017

Reformation 500- Martin Luther's Seal

My husband received this gift this past summer.
 It has been propped up on the window sill.
I like how it is so delicately done
 and I love the symbolism 
of this tiny piece of stitchery.

The Luther seal or Luther rose 
is a widely recognized symbol for Lutheranism.
 It was the seal that was designed for Martin Luther 
 at the behest of John Frederick of Saxony in 1530, 
while Luther was staying at the Coburg Fortress
 during the Diet of Augsburg. 
Lazarus Spengler, to whom Luther
 wrote his interpretation, 
sent Luther a drawing of this seal. 
Luther saw it as a compendium or expression 
of his theology and faith, 
which he used to authorize his correspondence.
 Luther informed Philipp Melanchthon 
on September 15, 1530, 
that the Prince had personally 
visited him in the Coburg Fortress 
and presented him with a signet ring
presumably displaying the seal.
I have tried to find the designer/creator
 on Facebook and on the internet
 and haven't been able 
to find any contact information.
 Maybe that will sow up with this blog post!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Reformation 500- Solas Bookmark

Reformation 500 Bookmark
 Print 3 to a page
(Best on cardstock)
Designed by Kathryn Stanis-
Visual Faith Coach

These images certainly help us 
to remember and reflect on the things
 that are the basic tenets 
for the Protestant Reformation.

Available for FREE download 
on the resource page at:
Visual Faith Ministry.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Reformation 500- Solas Margins

Sola Fide-Faith
Sola Gratia- Grace
Sola Scriptura- Scripture
Solus Christus- Christ 
We stand on these SOLA principles:
grace, faith, and Scripture 
because there is only one Jesus Christ
 in whom we can be saved.
It has been done FOR us.
As we celebrate this 500th
Anniversary of the Reformation,
we give thanks to God for His work
 through Martin Luther and the reformers.
The truth stands in the light.
And a favorite quote:
"We need to hear the Gospel
 every day because 
we forget it every day."
Martin Luther
These Bible margins and quotes
 are availabe here on the 
Visual Faith Ministry
  website as a FREE download.
Visual Faith Ministry Resources
Download and print and color for personal,
 church, school and ministry purposes.
Not for resale.

 Prismacolor pencils
NIV Noteworthy New Testament- Zondervan

Soli- Deo Gloria
To God Alone the Glory
Blessed Reformation!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Reformation 500- Katie Von Bora

 There are a lot of resources and new books
 available to commemorate
 the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.  
Not many are written for children.  
Not many new resources about Katie Luther.
 I have read both of these- 
published by Concordia Publishing House.
Both are wonderful starting points 
for knowing a bit of Katie's story.
And maybe even for adults-
this Hero of Faith story 
is both a quick introduction
 or an interesting review.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Reformation 500-The Business of Prayer

I have been seeing this image
 on Pinterest alot lately.
The wall is a lovely brick wall
 at the Retreat Center - 
Richmond Hill, in Richmond, Virginia.

I added the words probably 
4 years ago with Pinwords.
 Don't event think that site is still around.

It shows up on Boards titled- 
Reformation, Martin Luther,
or Prayer.

Sometimes it is good to revisit a simple thought,
with a simple image.
That is what drives social media- 
and the following interactions.
Pin Away.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bible Marginalia- One Blessing After Another

Bible Marginalia Series- #268

John 1:16

I simply love this verse.
One blessing after another after another.... 
Sometimes it is so easy to get 
wrapped up in our own agenda.
We simply forget.
What is awaiting us in 
full measure every morning.
From the fullness of his grace-
we have RECEIVED.
Already have it..
with more on its way...
more blessings...
more blessings...
more grace.
Just got to 
for all of that.

NIV Noteworthy New Testament
Fine-Point Sharpie pen- non-bleeding
Washi tape

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bible Marginalia- Heart Watch

Bible Marginalia Series---#267

1 Samuel 16: 7b
Sermon notes

Samuel comes to Bethlehem
 to anoint the new King.
He comes with trepidation and fear
 that Saul the King would find out.
Jesse marches out his sons-
seven of them to be exact.
He sees handsome men 
and judges it to be one of them.
The Lord says they are not the ONE.
"For the Lord sees not as man sees,
man looks on the outward appearance, 
but the Lord looks on the heart."

And then he asked if there are any more.
Well- just the youngest.
David comes and the Lord says- 
"This is he."
Samuel anoints David and the 
Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David
 from that day forward.
Pretty dramatic day there.

A reminder of just what is 
important to the Lord-our hearts.
And how often we get sidetracked
 with all the things that are not heart-tending.
Lord, keep me focused 

Fine-point Sharpie pen-non-bleeding
Micron pen
Colored pencils 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Uncluttered Spaces

We need "uncluttered time and space 
in which we can distance ourselves 
from our own activities 
enough to see what God is doing."
Eugene Peterson

Keeping the rhythm of 
work and rest within 
God's time is necessary, 
faithful and wise.
I hear the disclaimer over and over 
among our harried lives--
too busy, too much, too little margin.
We need to remember that God will STILL 
work in the margins of our lives.
He prefers first fruits, and lifted offerings.
But, He still delights when His children
 come as beggars 
with little to offer and sit by the wayside.
His powerful presence will take
 our meager offerings 
and turn them into banquets that feed our soul.
How blessed that we have a heavenly Father,
who meets us right where we are-
strung out and strung along.
He takes frazzled, piece-meal connections
and still works Miracles.
And maybe from that point of view-
we can SEE what He is doing.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Visual Faith- Charleston, West Virginia

We gathered on Saturday- October 14, 2017 
at St. Timothy Lutheran Church 
in Charleston, West Virginia
for a Visual Faith event.
It was great to have a non-gendered 
and intergenerational event.
Visual Faith coaches 
Kathryn Stanis and Wendy Hardy
 came from the Pittsburgh area
 to bring encouragement for "starting out" 
and what has worked for them 
to begin a Visual Faith ministry.
Participants were from a variety of area churches.
What a blessing to be together.
Lots of show and tell to share.
The mother -daughter team of 
Connie Denninger and Sara Wilson
 brought stories of encouragement 
for Visual Faith practices.
Pages from the Bible 
of artist Daphne Boder.
Visual Faith coaches - 
Daphne Boder and Pamm Moore-Haley
 and Jan Northcutt
were instrumental in bringing 
the details of the day together.
Michelle Fowler was the chef extraordinaire.

Faith Art Canvas shared by
mixed-media artist
Candice Mullins.

Pages journaled in a "regular" Bible by 
practitioner- Bobi Bryant.
I will continue to pray over this faith community.
It is always a blessing 
to see what the Lord does in the Kingdom
 from these Visual Faith gatherings.
We already know that He
 is about the Next Thing for participants 
that were gathered in this place-
 for such a Time as this!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bible Marginalia- Increase Our Faith

 Bible Marginalia Series- #266

Luke 17
This section of Scripture highlights 
one of the challenges for me as 
I have been doing Bible Journaling practices.
There is so much HERE.
Temptation to sin reminders, 
and forgiving our brothers and sisters.
The Apostles ask Jesus to "Increase our faith," 
and then there is the mustard seed reminder.
The unworthy servant and our duty.
The Cleansing of the ten lepers--
and then Jesus says-
"Rise and go your way;
your faith has made you well."
And the coming of the Kingdom-
"behold- the kingdom of God 
is in the midst of you."
These are some of my well-remembered
 phrases in the New Testament.
Bible Journaling has helped me to SEE
 that sometimes they are all on 
ONE page of the Bible.
Though this makes it difficult to pick out 
what might be highlighted in the margin,
each time I come back to this page over and over-
it is so RICH in WORDS and IMAGES.
And since I don't do much actual drawing-
it is the image of the flower napkin 
in the background that makes 
these words jump off the page.
From right here- to my heart- as prayer.

Thank you, LORD, 
for making your WORD so full of meaning-
every time I linger in it. Amen.


Napkin- one layer
Tri-Art Clear Gesso
Alpha stickers
Colored pencils 
Fine-point non-bleeding Sharpie

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Bible Marginalia- Sing the Lord's Song!

Bible Marginalia Series- #265

Psalm 137: 4

I have been thinking of this verse
 for a few weeks now-
 How shall we sing the Lord's Song?
Somehow in the aftermath 
of the shootings in Las Vegas- 
this thought comes front and center.
In a world full of disaster and hurting people,
where discouragement reigns supreme,
 hope slips away between 
the crevices of our days.
How do we respond 
as followers of Jesus?
We sing His GOODNESS.
We tell of His MERCY and GRACE.
Nothing that comes from us 
can begin to bridge these deep soul losses.
It must begin with our God, 
for He ALWAYS reaches for us first.
And in these days of grieving
 for so many and so much-
we certainly still have a song to sing.
We sing the LORD'S Song.

Napkin- (single layer)
Tri Art Clear Gesso
Acrylic paint
Assorted Alpha letters
Colored pencils

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Gifted To Influence- Leadership Conference

Had an opportunity 
to attend this conference
 this year as a presenter and exhibitor
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We were able to share the story of
 Visual Faith Ministry
 and launch the new website.

With Co-Founder-
 Patricia Maier- at our exhibitor's table.
Show and Tell for ideas 
for visual faith practices.

Our new logo for Visual Faith Ministry.

WLI Director - Darcy Paape
opening with "story" at the Honors Dinner.
I shared conversation and presented 
with the topic of Deploying Digital Missionaries.

Pat shared the vision for Visual Faith practices.
A bite for lunch downtown Milwaukee.
Some evening fun with comedian-
 Leslie Norris Townsend
And THIS foursome-
Patricia Maier, Wendysue Fluegge, 
 Deb Burma and myself
 will be leading an 
Extravagant Love 
Caribbean Cruise - 
February 9-14, 2019 with EO TRAVELS
Mark your calendars now!!!
Never ceases to amaze me
 about what the Lord is up to!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017