About Me

Therefore encourage one another 
and build each other up.

 I Thessalonians 5:11

Heart Shaping and Life Purpose-

Jesus Christ has called me to be His child and bring Him glory.

Living a messed-up and off track life, and Jesus still covers me in grace and redeems it ALL.

Our Creative God only creates creative people. 

The Four A's -seeking to live an authentic, available, affirming and accountable life creatively.

A heart of gratitude lives with JOY. 

A woman's spiritual leadership within the home brings intentional faith disciplines- 
remembering, documenting and celebrating.

The sacred space of home- called to live out new grace blessings each day.

Learning to live in Visio Divina- full eye to God's faithfulness, and to Live Life as Prayer.
Life Passions-
Love- reading, gardening, traveling, connecting on social media, antiquing,
tweaking house projects, crafting and creating all sorts of media. Vintage is my stand-by word.
Love to repurpose old items, and believe the best things in life are "pre-loved."

Family Faith Life- God's transforming discipling of my soul center, and this gift handed to the next generation. With that integral piece in place with intention- how do we bless those in our neighborhoods who do not know Jesus? How do we live as Family on Mission?

Young Years-
Growing up as an Indiana farm girl, had always planned to stay Midwest connected.
The land south of Fort Wayne still draws me in to the cycle of waiting, growing and harvesting.
Have learned about the waxing and waning of seasons, as well as the hard work of tilling the soil to put food on the table or celebrate the goodness of fully ripe.

Concordia University, Ann Arbor, MI and then Valparaiso University in the field of Home Economics.  Graduate-  Masters at Indiana-Purdue University- the field was then- Consumer and Family Life Sciences. Retooling and reforming-  Master's degree in Church and Community Leadership from Concordia University, Chicago, in Dec. 2013.

Mom to three young adult, educator daughters- all married.
They continue to bring brilliant delight into my life. So thankful for them
and the wonderful husbands in their lives.
Married to my long time friend, John, for almost 40 years. His laugh and heart bring me joy.
My three daughters-
Jessica, Laura and Sara

The whole Denninger family- Circa 2018
What a blessing
John and myself with our 6 of our grandboys-
 4 and under
Look quick - 
they don't stay here for long.
Summet 2019- we added another little boy-
now there are seven.

 the littlest boy
August 2019- 
We added a little grand girl.

The Wild Ones
Summer 2020 we added another little boy.
So the count is 8 boys and 1 girl for the GRANDLOVES.
Count is up one girl Summer 2021.
So we are blessed with 8 boys and 2 girls!


  •  Small town parish life in Auburn, NE. 
  •  Full-time campus ministry at Kearney State College (now University of NE- Kearney)
  •  Large parish and staff at a congregation in Springfield, VA. ( Northern Virginia) for 24 years. 
  • The Lord did some wonderful shaping- taught preschool for nine years.
  • Served as director of Women's Ministry for fifteen years. 
  • Since 2012- leadership position within the Lutheran Church, as my husband, John, serves as the President of the Southeastern District. That  area includes: Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia and North and South Carolina and a corner of PA.
  • Love teaching in large and small groups- workshops and Creative Haven Events in my home.
  • Enjoy leading Women's Retreats- especially in the areas of Prayer,Visual Prayer, and Creative Faith Coaching. Hands- on, and experiential is the heart of my work with people.
  • Helping to tell the stories of God's faithfulness, mission driven to connect others to Jesus, as we live in communities of grace to be a blessing to others. My blog- Vintage Grace tells our own home-life living adventures and Journeys of Faith compiles the stories of women around the Southeastern District- Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.
  • Co-founder of Visual Faith Ministry-  visualfaithmin.org in 2917 to bring resources and tools for faith sharing and lead a team of Visual Faith coaches in the United States and beyond.
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  1. Hi Connie!

    Angel project friend here... So nice to meet you! I live in southern Indiana now.. Formerly michigan. I adore country life here.

    Your about me is great... I am a young mama (6 kids all at home) but I know we have a lot in common!

    I especially liked this
    A woman's spiritual leadership within the home brings intentional faith disciplines-
    remembering, documenting and celebrating.

    This is my heart!!!

    1. We also have Hoosier land in common- my growing up home-near Ft Wayne Indiana

  2. You have a beautiful family! Nice to meet you Connie! I'm stopping by from Thee Angel Project. :)

  3. Nice to meet you Connie! Stopping by via Thee Angel Project 30 day linkup. Looking forward to browsing your blog and reading some of your posts. Love this line: Living a messed-up and off track life, and Jesus still covers me in grace and redeems it ALL. God bless!!

  4. Hi Connie! Came across your blog on pinterest! I am a LCMS educator from Pittsburgh! Glad I came across your blog!

    1. Great to connect Becky---- what do you teach? daughter Jessica Meier is a Lutheran Kindergarten teacher on Pinterest- I am looking for Lutheran educators on Pinterest to be a part of Kingdom Impact Pinners- trying to help Lutheran schools use Pinterest for evangelism and parenting helps for their school parents

  5. We are trying to find a visual faith coach who may be willing to do a reateat in April 2018 in Virginia. Anyone who can help point me in the right direction?

    1. Can you send your email to me at condoit@aol.com- so we can have a conversation about what you need?

  6. Hello from Australia,
    I am looking for a wide margin Bible to buy. I want to do note taking and I am not going to draw pictures in the margin. Do you recommend any particular Bibles?

    Also, I have just come across a Bible on https://www.heartsandmindsbooks.com/2013/10/ This website advertises your book 'Writing in the Margins'. On this website, there is a photo of a Bible and it has good margins in the middles and outside. Could you tell me what Bible this is?

    Thank you so much!

    1. I couldn't find the exact Bible that you were referring to but a great choice is the ESV Crossways Journaling Bible and that I did see on the site and they also give it a great review- especially if you are taking notes primarily. the book Writing in the Margins is a great help in learning more about this practice

  7. I feel blessed coming across your site. Just reading about your heart,family and your gift to the world makes my heart filled with happiness

  8. I came across your blog while doing a web search on Dorothea Benthien Craemer, wife of August Craemer, who headed up the practical seminary at Fort Wayne, St. Louis, and Springfield, IL. (You did a review of a CPH book about Dorothea several years ago.) Reading a little further, I realized that you are Erv and Kay's daughter, and that we had both grown up at Bethlehem, Ossian! I very clearly remember your mom's passion for Martin Luther.

    1. Hello Debbie_ I remember you well- tried finding you on FB- check out the website for my ministry at www.visualfaithmin.org- we just partnered with Lutheran Hour Ministry- Blessings!

  9. Do you have a Lent prayer coloring sheet as you had in years past?


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