Wednesday, July 31, 2013

LCMS- After Convention- Part Two

Those who have spent time in St. Louis-
 (maybe in Seminary training there)
talk about Laclede's Landing down by the water.

So off to explore that area:

Great bridges

The arch united with the surrounding buildings

Many horse drawn carriages to see the sites

The Doors
All things change--
 some places that use to be hopping 
are perhaps feeling the onslaught of the casinos
 that have arrived by the waterfront.

a hint at the past

hmmm--  Maybe a new sideline for my hubby

and the arch captures the glow of the city

and the tunnels take you back again.
I loved the arches and the play of light.


A Prayer for the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

LCMS- After Convention- Part One

  A bit of time to look around in areas I have not explored before-

 headed to the Delmar Loop via the Metro link.

Quaint area full of great places to eat-

First stop--- Lunch- Mission Taco Joint

tried the Carne Asada Fries-- 
usually always get chicken--
 filling and tasty

Guess who  is coming to Blueberry Hill in August?

Can you hear the music?

Yup- Blueberry Hill

You never know how singing 
for a school assembly could change your life....

Flowers that grace the sidewalks....

Cool art at a restaurant entry

An area Landmark- Moonrise Hotel

watched a huge crane in a new area
 of building-change is coming here

Cool place- Delmar Loop

and then back downtown.

Next highlight?

 Laclede's Landing. Join me.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

LCMS in Convention- People Connections

A special event here in St. Louis this week......

Challenging to get good photos from our seats but a couple shots here......
(I know there are official titles to these amazing men- 
but I will mess it up to try and do the official names so here they are as we greet them.)

Tom Waynick- Chaplain to the Pentagon
 and the Guest Speaker for the Evening

Introduction for Merle Freitag

Words of encouragement from Merle

The Telly Award to Steve Hokana-
 as part of the Barnabas Project

(Husband) John in official role as President of the Southeastern District
 with Tom Waynick 
Tom gave amazing examples in his address-
 of ministry connections in the military setting.

John  Denninger and Merle Freitag- with his St. Martin of Tours Silver Medal

Steve Hokana with his Telly Award and John

Jim Doebler- Chairman of the MAF Committee, Steve Hokana, and John

The personal blessing in attending this event 
is that all of these very accomplished men 
 had connections with the congregation 
where we served at
 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Springfield, Virginia.

They all passed through the halls to worship with us, 
teach and encourage us through the years.

This church is placed to minister to the military community
 and we give thanks for all the leaders that have touched our lives.
Giving Glory to God for each of them.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

LCMS in Convention-St. Louis- Culinary Treats

A local favorite that serves up food without additives, and uses organic foods.

a wide array of soda on tap

Cool atmosphere with milk can lights
 and a wall of old windows adds pizazz in the  big space

and according to the group I was with---
 the ultimate St. Louis food experience is:

a Muny Mocha

A chocolate dip cone melts fast in the warm evening air

OK-  a convert to the Ted Drewes Fan Club.

Monday, July 22, 2013

LCMS in Convention- View from the Streets

Spending time in St. Louis this week...
 and noticing the details...
 as our church body is in Convention- 
The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.

And as each day moves forward....  and we travel these streets. walking about.....

I pray.....

"Heavenly Father,
 you are the Lord of the Universe, and we ask you to be a part of this gathering, 
 that your Light might shine. 
May there be a concern and a heart focus on those who do not yet know YOU.
May a Spirit of determination rise up that there 
will be a desire to bring you to dark homes and lives- 
whatever it takes.... 
with wild daring to risk, for the sake of their eternal heritage. 
That a soul is worth more than a tight hold on tradition.

Give us eyes that really SEE our neighbor.
In the name of Jesus, AMEN."

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Every Time I Remember You

In some quiet reflective moments lately- 
I wonder what I would be talking about with mom
 these days if she were still here with us.........
got a few old photos out.. 
didn't want to mess with frames or much of anything ... 
but wanted to be able to SEE THEM...

Grabbed a wonderful leatherbound book
 that was made as a holder
 of National Geographic magazines
 from the 1930"s
(a dumpster diving story for another time)

added the satin ribbon tie to hold it together
 and set it in the dining room. 
 Just tucked the photos in between the pages--
 couldn't be easier.

Mom as a young girl
 Me as a young girl.

And time gone by.....
but as I remember you......

2 Timothy 1:3-4

 Every time I say your name in prayer—which is practically all the time I give   thanks to God for you, the God I worship with my whole life in the tradition of my ancestors. I miss you a lot, especially when I remember that last tearful good-bye, and I look forward to a joy-packed reunion.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Green Arrow Angel

I walked in the door and headed straight for my computer-- 
to tell this story-
of God's Goodness.
With stacks of things to do-- before it was too late-- before it was simply a faded memory.
And I was too busy to record the Truth of His hand of protection.

 And so......  out running errands and to the bank to cash the check for envelopes.

Leaving the way I always do..... going out to make a left hand turn at the LIGHT.

And the White line is far back at this intersection-- 
where to stop -- 
farther than normal to make room for the moving vans
 that make a right hand turn here at this light---

I pressed forward and then a "voice" said Stop HERE. 
 So I took my foot of the brake to move forward. 
 ( I usually like to test all commands.)
 and STOP HERE. 
 So I did. 
Thinking this is really dumb to stay this far back from the intersection. 
 And it is a really long light to wait your turn to turn left here. 
 And the light turned green and I pressed forward--
 and then I saw the blazing flash put of my left eye.
Instinctively I hit the brake
 and was so scared I hit the horn at the same time
 and the red car whizzed in front of my car
 missing me by a couple inches.

And the girl on the cell phone did not slow,
 or turn her head. 
 Just a blatant running of the red light.
 I sat stunned, heart racing and look at the cars on Rolling Road
 and the two drivers looked at me and shook their heads.

Because they saw the instant the angel stopped my car. 
They saw how close I was to being a vehicle t-boned
 and a sitting duck. It is a short green light turn
 and as I  moved through the intersection- 
it already had turned turned yellow. 
 Not even one car got through that green arrow turn.

I continued down the road
 and turned into the post office parking lot, shaking, and

THANKS for a voice that beckons me to STOP. 
THANKS for a GOD who is not too busy to see this coming. 
THANKS to my GOD for what DID NOT happen.

And then it hit me-------
 the verses I had read this morning 
and had been thinking about from THE MESSAGE-

SEIZE LIFE !!!  -- Ecclesiates 9: 1-12

Ecclesiastes 9

The Message (MSG)
1-3 "Well, I took all this in and thought it through, inside and out. Here’s what I understood: The good, the wise, and all that they do are in God’s hands—but, day by day, whether it’s love or hate they’re dealing with, they don’t know.
Anything’s possible. It’s one fate for everybody—righteous and wicked, good people, bad people, the nice and the nasty, worshipers and non-worshipers, committed and uncommitted. I find this outrageous—the worst thing about living on this earth—that everyone’s lumped together in one fate. Is it any wonder that so many people are obsessed with evil? Is it any wonder that people go crazy right and left? Life leads to death. That’s it.

Still, anyone selected out for life has hope, for, as they say, “A living dog is better than a dead lion.” The living at least know something, even if it’s only that they’re going to die. But the dead know nothing and get nothing. They’re a minus that no one remembers. Their loves, their hates, yes, even their dreams, are long gone. There’s not a trace of them left in the affairs of this earth.

Seize life! Eat bread with gusto,
Drink wine with a robust heart.
Oh yes—God takes pleasure in your pleasure!
Dress festively every morning.
Don’t skimp on colors and scarves.
Relish life with the spouse you love
Each and every day of your precarious life.
Each day is God’s gift. It’s all you get in exchange
For the hard work of staying alive.
Make the most of each one!
Whatever turns up, grab it and do it. And heartily!
This is your last and only chance at it,
For there’s neither work to do nor thoughts to think
In the company of the dead, where you’re most certainly headed.
11 I took another walk around the neighborhood and realized that on this earth as it is—
The race is not always to the swift,
Nor the battle to the strong,
Nor satisfaction to the wise,
Nor riches to the smart,
Nor grace to the learned.
Sooner or later bad luck hits us all.

12 No one can predict misfortune.
Like fish caught in a cruel net or birds in a trap,
So men and women are caught
By accidents evil and sudden."

So even this---- His hand prepares it all.  And I write it down in my Counting Gifts Journal. And thank God once again for the Green Arrow Angel.  And pour a glass of wine -- with a robust heart, happy that I am not a dead lion.
And take a deep breath look around my world.