Wednesday, September 30, 2015

just because.......

show me the pumpkins!

at the PUMPKIN Patch

some photos sent from an  Fall outing 
and the rest captured in a visit to Ann Arbor

this is most certainly true!

got my stick!

peek a boo  - can you find me?

mom helps on the big slide

raisins in my cereal and out on a walk

ah-- after church donuts

hugs and love

mr. inquisitive

and just because.....

Bible Marginalia- In Denial

Bible Marginalia Series- # 137

Keep coming back to the book of John.
  How many times haven't I given thanks
 that "I am not like Peter"?
That very faint glow that somehow
 tries to lift me up from this blatant
 denial of being a follower of Jesus.
And then I remember-
the times I remained silent,
could have added to a conversation,
but rather chose to be anonymous.

Day in and day out.
Denial- for what I could have said,
should have said, almost said.
Or maybe a diverting of the topic 
so I would have to do make 
"connections" for people.

Forgive me, Lord.
And then I rest on the grace.
Grasp it right to me.
For in each of those fallen times-
I yet, by grace.
 have been carried right to the new point.
Forgiven and Redeemed.
And by Grace will carry on.

Easy to do-
just paint and stick.

Acrylic paint- Target
Various Alpha letter stickers
Illustrated Faith - words and word washi
Washi tape
Colord pencils
 Fine point Sharpie- non-bleed pen

Monday, September 28, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Walk in Confidence

Bible Marginalia Series- #136

Walk in Confidence
A Looks at Proverbs 3:1-6
These were the study notes as I prepared for 
the breakout sessions for the 
Women's Leadership Institute 
Regional Conference in Ann Arbor
 on Sept. 19, 2015.
The stamped verse became
 part of a small tip-in for the center.

Writing in the Margins 
The Key points
So that I could 
 in order to
This margin is a design by Pat Maier.
 It comes with simple created space margins.
 Color it in. 
Go over the script with marker.
Add the study words.
Place it on a paint color swatch
 from Home Depot.
Add it to the margin 
with double -sided sticky tape.

Marginalia becomes part of the story 
of what a Communion walk LOOKS LIKE.
The Holy Spirit knitting the pieces together 
in soul-meshing ways only He can do.

This is the other side
 of this section of Proverbs,
A few notes.
The center of confidence walking.
 He desires for us to walk easy- 
in straight paths.
And the way for that is as a follower of Jesus.
Don't spend your time on unstraight paths-
it will delay you, 
reroute you, 
and you might even get lost.

and Keep the Lord's Commandments.
And walk with your head up 
and fix your eyes on Jesus.
 For the LORD is faithful.
And tell the story along the way.

 Would like a set of the created space margins?
email me at 
and I will send them to you
or notify me here on the contact form

printed margin- Pat Maier
colored pencils
Verse stamp
hand made paper for tip-in
washi tape
fine-point non-bleeding Sharpie pen
 Printed word washi- Illustrated Faith

Sunday, September 27, 2015

#VRSLY updates

#puremich skies

Grandson love

out and about in Ann Arbor

Sea of Galilee 

near Sedona Arizona

the whole wide world

on my windowsill

just Gospel and Light for the world
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Bible Marginalia -and the Father ALWAYS hears you

Bible Marginalia Series- #136

This was centering on the airplane
 ride back home from a conference this week.
And one of the stories we know well- 
the raising of Lazarus from the dead.
But, in all the years of HEARING it,
 and thinking I knew the story,
 I didn't LOOK for the small nuggets right here.
As Jesus talks to the people gathered-
 He reassures them-
"If you believe- you will see the glory of God."
And the JEWS SAW 
what Jesus did and many believed.

and He tells them because 
they are all around and LISTENING-
"and the Father ALWAYS hears you!"
And so on the darkest day- 
when Hope is gone, 
and there is no way
 that the good will come,
we will see His GLORY
and we are not ALONE here-
 because He HEARS you- and me.

Fine point Sharpie pen
Colored pencils

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Martin Luther Quotes

Bible Marginalia Series- #135

Another friend has artistic gifts- Pat Maier.
She has joined in the Bible Journaling journey.

I supplied her with a set of
 margin outlines to fit the space.
These wonderful Martin Luther quotes
 is what I got back 
to use in my Journaling Bible.
This page I just chose one
 of the Bible verses referenced in the margin.

Here I found a corresponding story
 that I liked with the quote.
What a gift is my artist friend- and her WORK.

 For the margins I simply went over the words
 with a Finepoint non-bleeding Sharpie.
Used Prismacolor colored pencils for the rest.
Washi tape on the edge of one.
 Matted 2 quotes with paint chip swatch.
 Matted another quote with a
scrapbooking paper.

If you would like these Martin Luther quotes
 for YOUR Bible - email me-

Monday, September 21, 2015

Women's Leadership Institute- Ann Arbor Regional Conference

A regional conference was held on
 Saturday, September 19, 2015
at Concordia University, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
 96 women of all seasons of life gathered
 to educate, encourage and equip women-
 right where they are living life-
and to Walk with Confidence.

Darcy Paape- Executive Director
 of the Women's Leadership Institute- 
Concordia University- Mequon, Wisconsin 
(on left in white jacket)
giving thanks for her team of helpers.

Rev. Dr. Pat Ferry, 
Concordia University President 
of both campus sites- Mequon and Ann Arbor
 was there with his wife,
 Dr. Tammy Ferry,
 to welcome and greet participants.

Elise Arndt of Troy, Michigan
 was the Keynote speaker 
and challenged the women to stand firm
 in the God-pleasing
 moral strength and character 
that they bring to their families, 
neighborhoods, and nation.
Would you like to know more 
about neighborhood ministry?
Check out: ineighborhood

I was blessed to be a breakout speaker 
with two of my daughters.
Left-Laura Schumacher of Ypsilanti Michigan
(Saline High School Art Teacher 
and Adjunct Art at Concordia- Ann Arbor)
Right- Jessica Denninger of Canton, Michigan
(Kindergarten Teacher at St. Matthew's Lutheran School-
 Walled Lake, MI.)
 Our topic:
 Visual Prayer and Bible Journaling- 
Telling the story of God's Faithfulness-
 Right where you ARE.
With an overview of Proverbs 3:1-6
 we highlighted and introduced some
creative faith expressions and tools.


Praying in Color- Sybil MacBeth

26 Ways-Pray-Alphabet-Spiritual-Practices- Lisa Hickman

Simple-Blessings-Coloring-Designs-Karla Dornacher

Today-Going to be a Great Day Inspirational-Coloring book


Prayers-Adults Coloring Book-Deborah-Muller


Interested in the Family Faith Rolodex Words?
email me and I will send you the pdf.

 for early childhood classroom use-
The Lords Prayer Book
My Prayer Journal
Praying the Alphabet Flip Chart
My Kindergarten Prayer Book
message Jessica here:
Jessica Meier- Facebook

Tips for visual prayer/journaling
for middle school and high school students:
Devotional prayer time
Prayer Cards
Small Group Bible Study
message Laura here:
Laura Schumacher-Facebook

Journaling Bible 
and Sermon note cards

Journaling Bibles-
can be a challenge to find these days.
A couple of links:
The ones pictured here are:

Artist Karla Dornacher has printable Margins.

And a tangled mini-pumpkin by Pat Maier.
How will the news spread 
about creative faith expressions?
Social Media- read this resource to learn more.
Pat Maier, 
wife of LCMS Michigan District President,
Dave Maier was a participant and encourager.
Her hope is to begin a Visual prayer
 and Bible Journaling group
 on the Concordia University campus 
to encourage students, faculty,
and community in the areas
 of prayer and Bible reading. 
Interested in connecting with Pat Maier 
about speaking about Bible Journaling
 at your church or group?
Message Pat here:Patricia Maier

Check out #cuaacreate on Instagram
 to watch this community grow.
Here is the link to the
Facebook Bible Journaling Group.
and to the newly forming Bible Journaling Group 
in Ann Arbor Michigan-

We give thanks for the partnership of WLI- CUW
 and their heart for connecting women to each other and to
our Lord Jesus.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bible Marginalia- When Faith Helps Out

Bible Marginalia Series- #134
My friend, Faith, 
is a spirit-filled woman
 who happens to ALSO be a wonderful artist.
I introduced the concept of Bible Journaling
 to a group of women in leadership roles.
I saw Faith's face light up
 as she thought about all the ways
 she might contribute 
to this style of worship in a Bible.  
With encouragement, 
she created these margins 
to color for my Bible.
They are wonderful glimpses of images
 that reflect and cement 
these psalms right into my heart.

At worship today this image 
and these words kept "floating through"
 as I sat and participated in worship.
The Lord speaking right to me-
Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.
Lord, fill me with your grace,
mercy, compassion, and JOY.
Blessed at His table once again.
To be satisfied.

Faith has offered these margins
 to be used for personal 
and ministry and church purposes.
If you would like a copy of these- 
I will email them to you.
Just notify me by email:
or in the contact info on this blog.

Supplies used:
Faith Mueller margins 
(she goes by Mutti)
Prismacolor pencils
Washi tape
Acrylic paint- Target

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Oh! Give Him Thanks!

Youngest daughter Sara 
and son-in-law Joshua shared this news today.
For He is Good!
Report is baby is healthy
with long legs.

Today in Ann Arbor Michigan,
 I had the privilege to be a
 break out session presenter
 with the other two daughters.
 Jessica Meier (on right) and 
Laura Schumacher.
( ah, yea that 's her on the left)
We spoke about how God
 is chasing things up in our lives
 with Visual prayer and Bible Journaling.
And His mercy endures forever!
 We shared about how God
 has brought an  aliveness and richness
 of color to our spiritual lives
 in ways that we could not have imagined.
And choses those least likely to bring forward,
so that the glory is rightly given to HIM.
And we are humbled.
And we pray that His mercy 
will raise up groups of women-
 that were connected today
 to call women to prayer and Bible Study 
with visual tools.
For the sake of the neighborhoods,
 our own families,
and His work in the World.
 Oh! we give thanks-
 that He does not leave us alone
here for the sake of the Kingdom.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Vrsly Updates- Social Media Gospel

The favorites of this last month -
 the Vrsly app on my phone.

 a few words on a photograph
 that changes up the story

These images are meant to be SHARED, 
PINNED, and sent to friends on Facebook.

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 Social Media Gospel to the World