Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bible Marginalia- Do Good.

Bible Marginalia Series- #259

Psalm 37: 27, 29
"Turn away from evil and 
so shall you dwell forever.

The righteous shall inherit the land
and dwell upon it forever."

In this time of wondering just
 what we can do to help the tragic events
 in Texas from Hurricane Harvey,
let this guide our actions-

For when this is our choice- 
we reflect the very goodness of God.

Envelope wrap
Washi tape 
Colored pencils 
Finepoint marker
Alpha letters
Printable tabs
Scrapbook paper

Sunday, August 27, 2017

To all the Mommas

 A prayer and a hug to all the mommas-
   working around the clock...... 
to love and care for their littles....
 Day in and day out.....
Morning into the night
Through giggles and crying jags
cuts, bruises and stings 
In between other commitments, 
 jobs and support-
there is cleaning, errands and laundry.
 Then the next day --
you do it all again.

So on a day when it seems like it never ends-
and you have used up all the patience reserves,
and exasperation settles in with
put on hold,

"You should never be irritated 
in those moments where it is clear 
that your children need you, 
no matter what it's interrupting. 
The fact that your children 
need to be supervised, 
cared for, and sustained by you 
is the wise choice of the Creator. 
Sheep need shepherding 
because they're sheep, 
and children need parenting 
because they're human beings.
Paul Tripp- Author-
 Parenting- 14 Gospel Principles 
That Can Radically Change Your Family.

Well said, Paul.
And well done, mommas of all ages -
to children of all ages.

And to three very special mommas-
 Jessica, Laura and Sara-
 just to let you know
 how proud I am of each of you.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Toledo Zoo- Lions and Tigers and Boys

 On a perfect August day,
with sun and a few clouds, 
75 degrees and low humidity,
we set out for Toledo.
To the ZOO....
Gigi and 2 daughters,
and 3 grandsons.
An amazing assortment of animal life.
 The flowers, plantings and containers
  were well cared for and interesting.
Floral color all around.

The exhibits are close up, close together
 and stroller-friendly.
 Lots to see and animal masks to try out!
 Three adults and three little bugs-
a Great Ratio for the day.
 Water bottle, Best Buddies,
 a Map and Snacks!
An awesome aquarium
 to round out the day.
We lasted four hours 
and had a wonderful time.
We will come back!!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Bible Marginalia- Stand Firm

Bible Marginalia Series- #258
Galatians 5
Been thinking a lot about Charlottesville, VA.
And the spiritual warfare 
that grips our country around racism
 and the sanctity of life.
Free and slaved certainly were normal conditions
 in the Old and New testament times.
But things got shaken up bit 
when Jesus came along.
Reading and reading this section of Galatians 5.
Christ sets us free, 
so that we don't have to count
 these conditions anymore.
Easier said than done if you are non- Anglo.
Up to this time we have never seen
 ourselves as Less- than.
How do make up for the 
harsh words and the hatred?
Guess that gets written out with verse 14-
"The entire law is summed up
 in a single command- 
'Love your neighbor as yourself.'"
Maybe if we spent our time trying
 to figure out just how to do that 
and invent creative ways to follow through on that-
things just might have an open door for change.
It is such a simple solution 
that we just figure 
that it has to be more complicated than that.
And it probably is-
 unless we ask for Jesus to 
change our hearts.
Think we are going to have to STAND FIRM
 in learning how to serve one another.

 Fine-point Sharpie pen- non-bleeding
Water Color pencils
Washi tape
Zondervan NIV Noteworthy New Testament
(out of print)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse- 2017

                                                                                                       photo by Dan Meier

Eclipse 2017
Ann Arbor, Michigan

The eclipse has certainly
 given us time to think
 about heavenly bodies,
an awesome Creator God, 
and the finely-tuned universe 
that we live in.

Psalm 136:7-8English Standard Version (ESV)

to him who made the great lights,

    for his steadfast love endures forever;
the sun to rule over the day,
    for his steadfast love endures forever;
 Want to journal this verse for this day.
Mostly thinking about this great God -
who MADE the great lights
and MADE the sun to rule over the day.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Visual Faith Event- Metro Detroit

Visual Faith Event-
Metro Detroit
Linger Longer in His Word
Beautiful Calligraphy Name tags
Room ready
Supplies on hand
Welcome to each person!
                                                                                                         photos by Kerri Lynn

 Pat Maier and Connie's Visual Faith-
Show and Tell Table
Candice Schwark, Denise Miller and 
Laureen Crocker
Full house- sweet baby and all

The Artist's Touch- 
Visual Faith Show and Tell
Connie, Candice and Pat
A great team!

Thanks Bev Wicher for joining Pat and I-
 all the way from New York!
My friends from the LCMS-
 Council of Presidents. 
 Demonstration tables
 Friends came from New York.
Attendees came from Atlanta.
Also met some online friends
 at this event- IRL!
Friends of friends were there.
Great to meet you - Karen Reincke!
Thanks to Illustrated Faith
 for your donation
 of supplies for this event.
Thanks to Thrivent Financial
 for the Action Grant 
to help subsidize this event.
Thanks to all the vendors, helpers, 
and set up and take down crews
 who joined us for this gathering.
Thanks Trevor for the awesome 
worship music
 and the tech support!

A wonderful time- over too quickly-
but we pray that all were blessed
 in their Visual Faith journey.
Linger Longer in the Word!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Grand Adventure

Papa and Griffin-
Now- before you get all excited.....
I have to tell you a bit 
about how we use this term in our house.
It usually doesn't involve a plane ticket,
or fancy clothes (see above)
or even an itinerary.
It more than likely is rather
 low-key by most standards.
But, perhaps the possibility arises of
 seeing things with new eyes-
with a little friend.
I have to make this part up
 because the Grand Adventure-
to the Creek, 
was always something John did with his girls.
I suppose I was invited,
 but the risk of poison ivy 
to a highly allergic gal-
 just didn't seem worth the risk.
SO- I always stayed home for these outings.
 Some of my recollections
 are from 25 years ago.
Now, Papa is in his heyday
with another whole generation.
 Right now he is at a count
 of 4 Grandsons 
to thrill with this hike into the yonder.
I know it involves a creek- 
so my guess after the heavy rains
 this past week, the water was "up".
The rest of us went thrifting 
at the Thrift stores.
But, upon our return- 
there was excited stories about 
BIG FISH and tadpoles and worms, and 
building a BRIDGE.
It was a secret mission.

But, there were a few photos.
They came out of the woods
 far from where they entered.
Tired Griffin was carried on 
Papa's shoulders most of the walk home.
The little blue rain boots were muddy.
And a washer load of clothes, already run,
 told the story.
Now the oldest grandson will await the day
 to initiate the rest of the littles-
Sometimes it is not about where you go,
but who you travel with, I'd say.
So, on a sunny, mild, but humid August day,
memories were made of simple times,
laid precious.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Visual Faith- THE VRSLY Project

The collection of Visual Faith photos with 
the VRSLY app.
Telling the story of the places 
and travels in my own life.
Combined with words of faith,
 hope and affirmation.

And a reminder that our lives in
is truly a gift.