Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Playing Card Add- Ins- 2

Bible Marginalia Series- #86

A very simple page using some Helps.
Ezekiel dealing with a time
 when the people did not have regard
 and honor the holy name of the Lord.
The holiness of the Lord's name
 had been profaned among the nations.
verse 26- I will give you a new heart 
and put a new spirit within you.

Lord, forgive us today- 
for we too have not kept your holy name.
We have defaced your honor.
Give us a new heart- 
and live new in spirit in us.
That the world might see YOU in US.

Added in a Dollar store playing card
 with washi tape.
Printed a verse that went 
with this section of Scripture
 from my Pinterest board.
(My daughters did this for me-
so can't tell you EXACTLY 
how this works-
 but it is then sized perfectly
 for a playing card.)

For a section that is longer 
and I know I can't do all 
the font and writing in the space-
 this is a great way to highlight the verse
 I am spending time with in my Bible Study.
 I added 2 pieces of square-punched
 card stock on the side
 with the suit and card number 
and just used double sided-sticky tape
 to add the verse.
Also used some easy flat pieces
 to highlight this section.

square punch
playing card
butterfly punch
 and recycled greeting card
doily piece (Michael's)
paper flags (Michael's)
colored pencils
Fine-point Sharpie marker

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bible Marginalia-Full of splendor

Bible Marginalia Series- #85

keep coming back here to 
hang out for encouragement.
When all seems upside down 
and not right-
in our world-
in relationships
with leadership
and even in the church.

Needing to be reminded 
again today of 
the Lord's works.
and His 
the one who makes 
all things RIGHT-

Thank you Lord,
for your words that 
lead me beyond today -
to the HOPE
that is in 

 Reflecting back on these two pages
 done in a week this past March.
The right side done first.
and already posted here-
Then the left side.
added a bit later.

A simple reminder for me to see His Glory-
and my Steadfast trust response.

Left side page supplies:
Colored pencils
Sharpie non- bleeding pen

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bible Marginalia- In Awe

Bible Marginalia Series- #84

Catching up on some 
journaling posts.
A conversation this week
 brought this section of Scripture to mind.
The church in ACTS.

not words we use a lot anymore.

The disciples 
themselves to the apostles' teaching.
And the 
To the breaking of bread
And the
came upon every
And many 
were being done 
through the apostles.

What an incredible time in this 
first century church.
His power still 

 Washi tape
Colored pencils
Fine-point Sharpie pen (non-bleeding)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bible Marginalia-REMEMBER

Bible Marginalia Series- #83

oh that word- REMEMBER- 
Just what the Israelites
 had forgotten to do.
and I too- just like them.
 Afflicted by spiritual amnesia.
The God of my Salvation.
The Rock of my refuge.
 Oh, Lord, help me to

 Faber- Castell Gelatos
 Assorted stamps

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Isaiah 43

Bible Marginalia Series- #82

This is the passage that I read to my dad 
each day when he was near death.
 It was the grounding that we all needed 
as we talked about important things 
and I walked with my dad 
on his journey to heaven.
 Part of the verse here-
 it is what fit in the space...
.maybe I will add the rest later on somehow.
Just resting on the FEAR NOT.

Simple lettering.
Thanks to Joanne Sharpe 
for the inspiration.

 Fine point Sharpie pen- non-bleeding
 Colored pencils

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Hosanna!

Bible Marginalia Series- #81
on this page-
 So many images and story pieces.

The Triumphal entry.
The grain of wheat.
 The son of man glorified.
The Son of man lifted up.
 The troubled soul of Jesus.
 The Light- We have the light.
Walk in the LIGHT.
So that darkness does not overtake us.
And even though Jesus
 had done many things among them- 
they still did not believe in HIM.

Tried a stencil fern frond.
Then tried stamping fronds near them.
Didn't work so well.
But you can see there are fern fronds.

Received a gift box in the mail
 with some new paints to try.
Made a spray box and placed paper towels- 
on the facing page and under this page
 to protect it from spray.

A little challenging to control the spray-
 part of it came out in a big blob.
Under the Walk stamping.
Dapped it quickly to pick up some of the color
 and it ended up drying translucent.
Great- I wanted to be able to see the words yet.

The next image I wanted
 to add to this page was 
WALK in the LIGHT.
John 12:35


Alpha stamps and ink
Fine-point Sharpie pen
Colored pencils
Smooch Spray- River Mossy

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bible Marginalia-He has done marvelous Things!

Bible Marginalia Series- #80

I saw that the Easter hymn-
The Strife Is O'er, The Battle Done 
was connected to Psalm 98:1
 for its inspiration. 
Though you don't see anything in the reading
 that is specifically the Easter story,
 He is RISEN-
 is certainly a marvelous thing.

That gives us the missing piece
 for each of us to sing a NEW SONG.

 I have an old discarded hymnal 
and added that page in with washi tape.
Then, was rummaging through 
some old stamps donated a long time ago.
  Since I can't draw flowers- 
this just might be the thing.
Can't beat the color of a Fuchsia plant.
Tried out a new ink-
it does bleed through.
 I'll deal with it when I get to that.

So today I am posting my 500th blog post.
This little experiment to document my life-
 to tell of His faithfulness.
It truly has been a marvelous thing.
I can only can give HIM the glory- 
for allowing me to tell a piece
 of the story of this life
 He is writing for me.
So I step out into the next generation of 

Purple and silver Washi tape
Colored pencils
All Night Media Stamp- Fuchsia 886J
StazOn Ink- Spiced Chai

Friday, April 17, 2015

Prayer-Martin Luther's- Evening

                                                                                                   google image- Lauri

A prayer to commit to memory.
 Bless your family by saying this 
as part of your prayer liturgy for eventide.
 Or it may be the close of day
 tucking littles into bed. 
Or perhaps it closes out
 a family meal at night.
 Or the whisper heart prayer
 as you close your eyes at night.

I thank You, my heavenly Father,
 through Jesus Christ,
 Your dear Son,
 that You have graciously kept me this day; 
and I pray You to forgive me all my sins 
where I have done wrong, 
and graciously keep me this night.
 For into Your hands I commend myself,
 my body and soul,
 and all things.
 Let Your holy angel be with me, 
that the wicked foe
 may have no power over me.

Martin Luther's Evening prayer
 can be found here:
(sorry- could not get it to be less fuzzy)

And sometimes Martin Luther just
sums it up so well...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Prayer- Martin Luther's- Morning

 this print is by calligrapher 
Holly Monroe-
holly monroe

A start to the day.
Kept and Commended.
Into the New Day.

Here it is in kinetic typography.

I thank you, my heavenly Father, 
through Jesus Christ, your dear Son,
 that you have kept me this night
 from all harm and danger. 
Keep me this day also
 from sin and every evil, 
that all my doings and life 
may please you. 
Into your hands I commend
 my body and soul and all things. 
Let your holy angel be with me, 
that the wicked foe
 may have no power over me. 

and a site with three of  
Luther's prayers
Martin Luther's prayers

Monday, April 13, 2015

Prayer- Karl Rahner

Spring Time-
Signs of Hope
Small moments that are 
so Fleeting.
We can get caught up
 in the overflow of life-
and miss our very LIFE.

And in this framework I pray:

A flat canvas that has this prayer collage on it.
It sits on my window sill on the south side.
Propped to remind me as I sip a morning coffee.
Make good choices about the minutes of my day.

Here is the prayer -perhaps a bit easier to read.

Dear God,
 My soul has become a  huge warehouse
 where day after day the trucks unload  their crates
 without any plan or discrimination,
 to be piled helter-skelter in every
 available corner and cranny, 
until it is crammed full from top to bottom 
with the trite, the commonplace,
 the insignificant,
 the routine...
Empty talk and pointless activity,
 idle curiosity and pretensions of importance that....
roll forward in a never-ending stream.
I now see clearly that, if there is 
any path at all on which I can approach
 You it must lead through
 the middle of my ordinary life...
I must learn to have both "everyday"
 and Your Day in the same exercise. 
In devoting myself to the works of the world,
 I must learn to give myself to You,
 to possess You, the one and only thing,
 in everything...
Before You, all multiplicity becomes one,
 in You, all that has been scattered is reunited,
 in Your Love all the difference
 of the day's chores comes home again
 to the evening of Your unity.

a prayer portion from
 God of My Daily Routine
 by Karl Rahner.

I posted this prayer three years ago.
Still reading it.
 Still asking for the Holy Spirit to
show me the way to the SIGNIFICANT,
 in the middle of my ordinary life.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Prayer- Thomas Merton

Sea of Galilee- Jan 2015

And sometimes my heart
 needs to be stilled-
in this journey here on earth.
And so I pray:

"My Lord God, 
I have no idea where I am going.
 I do not see the road ahead of me. 
I cannot know for certain
 where it will end. 
Nor do I really know myself, 
and the fact that I think
 that I am following
 your will does not mean
 that I am actually doing so.
 But I believe that the desire
 to please you does in fact please you.
 And I hope I have that desire
 in all that I am doing.
 I hope that I will never do
 anything apart from that desire. 
And I know that if I do this you 
will lead me by the right road, 
though I may know nothing about it. 
Therefore will I trust you always, 
though I may seem to be lost
 and in the shadow of death. 
I will not fear, 
for you are ever with me,
 and you will never leave me 
to face my perils alone.”

Thomas Merton

This prayer is printed out 
and taped on the inside
 of a kitchen cabinet door.
 I have loved this prayer
 for a very long time.

This Prayer plank sits on a window sill
 in the kitchen.
Made by my friend Diane Marra- 
of Adore Him Creations.
adore HIM creations

On the road of going...
and knowing
for certain-
 without a doubt-
 He will never leave me.
 Just trusting.....

As Spring arrives each year.
I trust in the care of my Savior.
Because each day unfolds in HOPE.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Peat Pot Nests

Maybe it is right and fitting to be working
 on EASTER projects this week.
We are officially
 in the liturgical season of EASTER.
So some time spent with
Peat pots altered, added and embellished.

In some muted tones
 with an assemblage of findings.

  An assortment of paper medallions.
 Made with the Martha Stewart scoring board.
Martha Stewart Scoring Board

Made 2 inch strips,
 secured with hot glue
 and a hymnbook circle to hold together.
These will be the stabilizing base 
for the peat pot nests.

Ribbon crinkled - 
wet and wrap in a paper towel
 scrunched up for a couple of hours.
 Then unwrap and spread out to air dry.
Sewing pattern tissue paper
cut in the Tim Holtz Die Cut
Tim Holtz Alterations Flower
Also some felt flowers 
cut with the same die cut.

Paper Punched Hearts
Martha Stewart lace scallop heart
This is what the punch looks like.
 But they are no longer available.
See they use to go on EBay for over $100.
 Now can't even find one for sale.

Six inch squares of sewing tissue 
cut with shredding scissors 
to make nesting material.

Gathered together. Some with hand gathered
 crepe paper fringe hot glued to the top edge.
Some with fringed edges
 from an old book with  French script.

A bit of sphagnum moss. a pair of eggs.
 A cross or heart added to the nest.

Small word banners
 that declare His GRACE.
Jesus is Alive
Easter Blessings
He Lives!

One displayed on vintage bed spring.
Another on the paper medallion base.

A small crochet floweret 
added to the tissue paper flower.

And now in simple and quiet spots-
Spring New Life symbols
 serve as reminders of
 Jesus is Alive!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

When Seasons Overlap

On the kitchen counter-
 daffodils and forsythia.
Makes sense, it is Spring 
and April.

In the dining room.
my amaryllis- in full bloom.
A sweet friend gave it to me for Christmas.
It bloomed on Easter.

outside- the daffodils and hyacinths
like hanging out together.

inside- the Spring wreath is up and 
the cross reminders of the 
Great Gift Given.

Sometimes our season of life-
 is one of waiting.
And nothing seems to be quite in place.

Spring is a great reminder for me.
Sometimes life is a step forward,
a half-step back.
 Seasons cross in the middle.
and it all seems out of whack.

So a reminder in these weeks of flux-
in this great parade of days-
Following Jesus is the 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Monday-Visual Lenten Journey

The Words of LENT- 2014
 Time to think about what
 needs transformed in my Life-
 What needs to GO AWAY 
and not be a part of my daily life.
 What to think about in moments of the day.
 Where is the Holy Spirit 
working in my life right now?

The Book of Devotions and Readings for Lent- 
Written by Rev. Phil Ressler

The people on my prayer list
 this Lenten Season- 2015

  Lenten calendar journey by Pat Maier.
 A friend who joined the journey and
 quickly found her WAY...

Once again the BLESSING
 of the visual LENTEN JOURNEY.