Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sweet Things

a pin made from vintage fabrics and crochet circles-
 Dana Denley Davis- design
 brings a smile to my face
 a little pause in time to mark
 the joy of sweet things in life.... 

the sunshine yellow of an iris in bloom 
 sunshine sparkles even on a cloudy day

and tiny pink shoes on little feet that run and run
and bunny slippers with googly eyes

and knees that have hugged the floor a few
times and slipped into the land of Rapunzel
And the detailed and scribbled
 coloring of a Jesus who commands the wind

and I am transported back in time maybe 23 years
watching little ones dance with delight in a day-
 marking the passage of time with wonderment
 as we slip through the forest of imaginations
and hug and make small marks in time
 to be reminded that each of these days
 is Gift Wrapped in His Glory and Gift

Monday, April 23, 2012

Jubilee Markings

The Sanctuary at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Springfield, Virginia-
 50th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration
Gold and White Paraments
and Beautiful Flowers

 on left-Rev. Dr. Gerald and Terry Kieschnick-
 President Emeritus- the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
Jerry was our Guest Preacher for the Celebration weekend.
Middle- Vivi Diefenthaler-
 wife of Southeastern District President- Rev. Dr. Jon Diefenthaler
(he was attending another church celebration
 at Bethany, Waynesborro, Va.--
their 240th Anniversary!!!)
Vivi Brings Greetings from the office of the President of the SED
Right-Rev. Dr. John and Connie Denninger-
John is current Senior Pastor at Prince of Peace

What a great time to review our friendships.
This photo on Left-
Rev. Ralph and Eunice Weichmann-
Ralph was founding Pastor of Prince of Peace
 Lutheran Church-Springfield, VA.

The weekend included 2 wonderful worship celebrations, 
intimate meals and conversations
 and a fantastic brunch at the Waterford Reception Hall in Springfield
 with 350 guests in attendance.
A big weekend with many hands to bring it together.

Each family was presented with the gift of a ceramic
 of the cross backdrop in the altar area of our church.
They were handmade by artist- Erika Radke.
A fitting tribute of the careful care and planning to mark this
50th year --Milestone Event.
And a beautiful reminder when the day ended.
Time given to reflect on the bounteous goodness of a Faithful God
As we look forward to the next decade in this body of Christ-

"I pray to God- my life a prayer-
and wait for what he'll say and do.
 My life's on the line before God, my Lord,
waiting and watching till morning,
waiting and watching till morning."
From Psalm 130- The Message

For His mercies are new every morning.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marking the Sign Posts

Christ is Risen by friend and folk artist Gloria McCloud-
This cross has graced our outdoors for over 15 seasons

JESUS LIVES!!!   A craft show purchase
A yard flag gift for Easter 2012 from dear friend
 and neighbor Lee Berson.
 For Holy Week I had it turned so the crosses stood out
 and  on Holy Saturday turned it
around and the crosses are still visible
 but the lilies proclaim the Good News Story.
Baby birds in the front porch nest 4 days ago.
 ( and all the dirty mess of the little ones)
Even as we move into the Easter Season and farther from Lent
 I am still liking the signs that mark
 the outdoor living space of our home. 
They proclaim the Good News silently to all who approach
 and bless those who understand the lifestyle that Easter Life brings each and every day. 
And in the yard tour I continue to find other Spring notices.
And the little ones FOUR days later-
incredible changes in that amount of time
The early Tree peonies in bloom
The deutzia bush in full bloom

And the Miss Kim Lilac is gearing up to wave and nod at Spring
Sign post markings all around -
 His Grounds
 His Territory- 
His abundant New Life

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vintage Fence Display

Vintage garden fence laid out in the car port
 for inspection
done time in the yard
 and now perhaps a respite inside repurposed

Decided on a grouping of 4 on the bottom and 3 on the top

This seems to help a corner where there
 was a floating table
in the family room

Adding some of my favorites
from my stash

 of black and white vintage photos

As always -- in a generation tribute  --
 there is  just something--
this photo has the little girl sticking her finger up her nose

For years I have teased my  two sisters
that this will be us some time in the future---
and now my three daughters are in on the litany

Adding some photos to the display-
using weathered and worn clothespins to attach

Will keep searching for more favorites
But the wall is feeling  more connected
 to the hydrangea basket and table

yet still light and airy

and enough vintage garden fencing
 left over from this project
to share with three daughters

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Wreath Adorn

I have not ever taken photos of actually making a project and I had started putting together a new wreath design and then stopped myself..  and said-- Ok----  how about at least trying it?

Interesting process to show photos of each step and trying to make the pictures actually show the next step... I had piles of materials back in the house after the Miss America Katie Stam event in March of this year and trying to "reconfigure" the goods into their next phase....  So here it is...

I used a grapevine wreath since that what was in the house....Liked the roundness of it.  Could use a styrofoam wreath but those can be expensive-- later spotted a workable grapevine one at the dollar store...The hairy branches proved to have their own problem.    about 16-18 inch diameter wreath

We had used a bundle of 10 pieces of yarn and fibers strung together and clipped with torn fabric strips. The fibers were mostly creams, whites and a piece of jute string added.  We were going for texture and varied sizes of fibers.  We had used these as the edging of the buffet table....  enough to go around the perimeter of 2 -12' tables... so some long yardage......  actually was 2 pieces so that made it a little easier to handle.  Then just wrap the wreath with the fibers.........and the problem of the prickly grapevine "hairs"......  so I stuffed the whole bunch into a plastic bag and then could easily move the bundle and wrap the wreath........

A little wildness is ok and just keep it so it doesn't look too perfect

 Tied a simple bow from a finished edge burlap ribbon- ( purchased at Michael's) with hanging streamers ties about 18 inches in length.  I prefer dimensional rather than flat wreaths-  just pulled pieces through the fibers to keep in place. Then secured  it with florist wire at the bow position
Fluff the bow a bit
Added new spaghnum moss to a small nest with eggs---
 It has been a part of MANY projects_
Attached with florist wire
Had purchased these  unfinished balsa wood
crosses at Michael's last year
 and just added some Paint Dabbers
 in Brown, then with a little burnished gold on top
Was going for subtle on this wreath- not bold stand out Spring colors  but
wanted the 3 crosses to be there as a Lenten reminder of the Gift--
and something that crossed seasonal decorating

A Palm Sunday cross was later added next to the New Life nest
Wreath hangs in front hallway and the lighting is not so great
 so another photo with wreath moved to a brighter wall
So the reuse - use up multi- season shabby wreath
Pretty- and Faithful- decorating for our home

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Green Spring Garden Walk

Lilacs in Bloom
Old-Fashioned Bleeding Hearts-Dicentra
Pansies- Viola family
Pansies- stunning colors
Snowball Bush--Viburnum family
Yellow Azalea
and one of the glorious azaleas
 that dot the landscape

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Reflections

Natural-dyed  eggs set the neutral theme
 for the table setting
A burlap runner crossed a lace printed tablecloth
A day to bring out the best in china and crystal