Visual Faith

So what is Visual Faith?
I have been teaching hands-on, 
experiential faith keeping for about 25 years. 
It is story-telling that becomes the witness
 to God's faithfulness to us.
 It ties in the Visual component 
of images and typography with process.
It may include photographs. 
Most of us learn this way best--
it imparts to our heart. 
The foundation is prayer.
  Prayer is the umbrella over all
 the time spent in God's Word.
It is praying Scripture.
It includes: Praying in Color- Visual Prayer,
 Bible Journaling, and Faithbooking.
There are hundreds of applications for school, 
home and worship community settings.
We are in the process of training 
and lifting up practitioners of Visual Faith-
 that they may GO OUT
 and coach and encourage others.

Here are the links for some
 of the Visual Faith
 projects and gatherings
 as described here on this blog:

Workshop-Visual Faith

It could be your own Cliff Note
 versions of the Psalms.
It could be teaching the practice of Counting Gifts---
or Praying the Alphabet
Women's Leadership Conf- Ann Arbor, MI

                                                          One A Day-Gratitude Project

                                                          Family Faith Rolodex


                                                             Living-life-as-Prayer Canvas

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