Tuesday, November 29, 2011

YOU REMAIN- Virginia Theological Seminary-

Seeing Through
The FRAME WORK that holds us together
 when all returns to dust and ashes
Brick-  a firm foundation
Seems like there should be a handicapped sign
 for all of our parking-
we are certainly not equipped for living life

 here without Jesus to bring healing.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Trip to Hickory, North Carolina to see the newlyweds- Nov. 2011

 Took some wreaths to give as gifts on our trip
Still looks like Fall as we get ready
 to head out of town
to visit the North Carolina newlyweds
Ah yes  North Carolina. We took a beautiful
 drive up to Banner Elk, N.C. -
the highest point on the Eastern side of the U.S

Wonderful Townhouse .
Welcoming fire and draped mantel
 with old tin frame waiting on a mirror
COVENANT wedding blessing gift made for Dan and Jess
Dried the roses from Jess and Dan's July 17, 2011 wedding
 and made the flowers into a wreath for Christmas decorating
CHINA HUTCH made from an old window
 and bead board and reclaimed wood
Next to a child's school desk chair and old tin
A Wedding Reminder- hangs on the wall
 All the guests "signed" with their thumb print with a variety of green inks.

Sister Laura drew the lovely tree
Jessica's Faith blessing "poster" hangs in the hallway of her new home.
A reminder of God's faithfulness in her life.
A Windows of Time Wedding Gift to share the blessing
 of families with  a long and  faithful wedding heritage
Both sets of parents and 4 sets of grandparents
Jessica and Daniel Meier- July 17, 2011
  May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

GIVE THANKS banner and Blessings garland in our kitchen-
 Hung from a hard to find double shelf oak quilt rack
Vintage Thanksgiving cards fill an old seed packet display rack.
 Most of the cards are at least 100 years old. 
Oak church pew finishes this wall display with a cozy place to sit.
Top ledge stores everyday serving dishes.
A fall felt banner purchased on clearance at Jo Ann's for 80% off
 and then embellished with Bible verses of Thanksgiving.
 They are just stitched on by hand with an added button garnish.
Vintage chip display stand repurposed for display of seasonal postcards.
Rolled circle small wreath with crepe paper and pages from an old book
-- Original design by Donna VanWert.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Heart for Thanksliving

A little color and paper to dress a wall or  vignette.

Fall Las Vegas Trip

A Fall Thanksgiving Garland -
 add tags with note of thanks each year-
 has leaves made from hymnbook pages

 and copies of vintage Thanksgiving cards
Empty frame fills out visual space 
without feeling too "heavy"
Love the white painted mantel
Artist's drawing nook with supplies contained
 on a trays and in old cheese box
Blessed by a cross collection
Laura D. Schumacher original 
pottery bowl  filled with gourds
A collection of "family" pumpkins
 with an unframed botanical

Original Laura D. Schumacher watercolor--
 a reminder of East Coast Fall days
A new home with large walls to fill--
 used Thrift store black and white prints 
and added "size" by placing them on canvases 
covered in free Donghia fabric swatches.
Fell in love with this "pin" 
and made our own version- 
we sewed strips of burlap,
onasburg and unbleached muslin 

onto oatmeal colored felt.  Ohhhh

Thrift store candles painted with Mod Podge
 and rolled in Epsom Salt.
  Who would have thought- such fun.
 Time to catch up with an end of October visit
 and a football game, good food, some shopping, 
thrifting,and worship. Fun to see the style develop 
when the lack of funds spurs creativity. 
Denninger style is morphing into Schumacher style--
 but with a Big D!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Abundant Blessings All Around

As old hymn board repurposed as an Anniversary collage as a gift for our 25th Anniversary.
The blessing of a long and loving marriage.
A photo from a visit to Las Vegas to Daughter Laura and husband--  Love the old window with photos of parents and all grandparents. That was a tribute to the marriage heritage they were being given on their wedding day-  The blessing of long term marriages from generation to generation.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Connie's Studio

Repurposed Shelving and Cubbies--
 the one on the left are 2 legal size drawers stacked
 on top of each other one on the right has a screen door backing- repainting things all white helped to bring a lifetime of odds and ends into a pleasing place to store and organize
How to make use of every shelf and vertical space-
 punch holder is an antique wire shelf
Matilda's ( the vintage dress form)  corner--
with antique shoe display shelf on the left,
 vintage door  for the corner and bottom right
 is a glimpse of the antique oak coffin--
 (a long story and not everyone has to 
decorate around this in their home studio)
Vintage green glass container- 
perfect for ribbons
Old Cast off shelf from New York
 salvage on top of a metal and oak trunk,
 Oak bookcase stacked with quilts and the sewing area 

with wall unit with lots of wonderful cubbies.
Vintage display case of some kind and repurposed to display stamps
Just in case I need to dress up to create- 
Spring basket is a Rebecca Ersfeld  creation-
made from a crochet skein
old rugs and hand made oak Amish table 
My grandmother's shoe holder repurposed for laces,
 crochet and all things
frilly and hung on a door
There is something a little daunting about revealing 
your creative work place.  
The joy of putting this together has been fun 
to share with family and friends. 
An underused bedroom now that we have
 grown children has become a place to BE ME
 and all that the Lord
 has brought together in this time and place.
Will share more photos soon of the details. 
 A special thank you to Rebecca Ersfeld and Diane Marra on giving me the courage to
 Create my own CREATIVE SPACE. 
May it bless others too.