Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Birthday Boy

 Levi Michael Wilson
celebrated the 2 year milestone
 in February.
Momma- Sara
with Levi.
 Family and friends
gathered at Papa and Gigi's
for a party with snacks and balloons.
A car theme - a favorite - yes!
Everything is so much fun!
Dinosaurs and a matching game
 fun with Papa.
Gift opening and cake eating too!
Then a couple days later-
 celebrating on THE day.
Wow!  a mini-trampoline!
A much loved little man-
who just might be the super hero
 who comes when you call.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Visual Faith- Psalm 28

Visual Faith
CliffsNotes style
in a Sketchbook.

Psalm 28-
You are SILENT.
I'm calling out-
from a black hole.
I am in the same cell as the crooks.
They work for the evil one.
They have no idea how God works.
Smash them and walk away.
Yea God! Blessed Yahweh!
He HEARD me praying!
 I am with HIM.
I am jumping, shouting and singing!
Carry them like a good shepherd.

How often we forget 
that we are not the ones
 working things out.
We are participating
 in an eternal story.
When the down and out times come-
and they do, 
and they will.
Got to remember-
He is on me side!
That changes everything!

Psalms- by Eugene Peterson
Wine cork
Stamping Ink
Precision Pen
Yoobi Colored pencils

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bible Journaling- Consider the Lilies

Bible Journaling Series- #283

Matthew 6:28
Sometimes Bible Journaling is not so much 
the creation of drawings or art myself, 
as thinking about the images 
that connect to the Scripture.
I am a saver, with piles of things 
from worship services, events,
mailings or magazines.
As I was spending some time 
in the 6th Chapter of Matthew, 
I remembered an image that my friend, Pat, 
had quickly made for me 
when she was "playing"with gelatos.
At the same time I was meditating on these verse, 
I was going through
 vintage Ideals magazines getting ready
 for a Creative Haven event at my house.
I saw the page from a 1940's Spring edition.
So, an interleaved Bible and these 2 images-
and my "collage" was done.
It is important to remember that just because 
it comes together quickly, 
this doesn't detract from 
the "marking the moment" 

Interleaved Bible
Ideals magazine image
Consider the lilies art-Pat Maier

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bible Journaling -Throw off Everything

Bible Journaling Series- #282

Hebrew 12:1-2
Therefore, since we are surrounded 
by so great a cloud of witnesses, 
let us also lay aside every weight, 
(throw off everything)
and sin which clings so closely, 
(the sin which so easily entangles)
and let us run with endurance
(run with perseverance) 
the race that is set before us,
(marked out for us)
looking to Jesus,
(fixing our eyes on Jesus)
 the founder and perfecter of our faith, 
who for the joy that was set 
before him endured the cross,
despising the shame,
 and is seated at the right hand
 of the throne of God.

Much of these verses seem appropriate
 during these days of the 2018 Winter Olympics.
surrounded by a cloud of witnesses- 
the crowds watching

the weight- 
the training and pressure

the race set before us- 
 the set course

run with endurance- 

the ability to finish

but then there is a focus change-
fix our eyes on Jesus.
It becomes less us and more of him-
the perfecter of our faith.
The joy Jesus found
 in the agony of the cross-
or as we might hear- the "agony of defeat."
Jesus is then seated on the throne- 
not the podium with the gold medal-
but life everlasting with His Father.
As we listen to all the commotion 
around physical races and finishes-
let us watch closely the race we run.
Let us be encouragers to each other
 to run the race that matters for eternity.

Here is the link to download
 this image on the 
Visual Faith Ministry website:

Here is the link to the 
sticker paper from Staples:

Pat Maier Margin printed on clear sticker
Colored pencils
 Fine-Point Sharpie marker

Monday, February 19, 2018

Bible Journaling- DUST to DUST

Bible Journaling Series-#281

often the start to a Lenten journey
 is revisiting our own mortality.
 We move through our days so quickly -
 often thinking we have it together
 and figured out.
ASH WEDNESDAY brings that 
non-reality forefront and center.
Working in my interleaved Bible
 gives me more space to see
 how things fit together.
I used scrapbook paper that happened
 to be laying around on my desk. 
Black and white works well as a base.
I tore out the image from 
the worship service folder.
Then parts of the hymn.
 I couldn't fit the whole thing on.
But loved the chorus-
hear our penitential cry!
Go- and be Reconciled.
To each other.
To our Heavenly Father.
Lent is about coming back
 and turning away.

Tabs from the $1 bins at Michaels 
with Alpha letters.
AND a die-cut flower- 
reminder that out of this dustness-
Jesus brings hope.
New life waits for followers of Jesus.

Worship service folder
Alpha letters
Scrapbook paper
Washi tape
die-cut flower

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Heart Roundup

Ending up the Valentine Week 
with sharing some of the things
 hanging out from a Creative Haven 
event this week.
 I used a heart gift from my friend Bonnie
as the center focus for this mixed media piece.
Packing material makes a great
 base overlay on a flat canvas.
Three of these canvas projects 
were made for each of my daughters.  
                            A Creative Haven project from 6 years ago-
the circle medallion.
Grade school Valentines.
So, I have officially been getting 
these out of a vintage candy box
and looking at the names on the back 
and praying for these long-time friends
 for fifty years now.
Sometimes a Valentine 
mixed media project
 is not about red and pink.

 O my soul-
praise Him. 

Sometimes it is a vintage chicken feeder
 to hold small floral plates and a cache of hearts.

 Vintage Valentines 
in a seed pack holder.

So I am reminded-
Our hearts take hold on Thee.

I pray thee dear Lord Jesus,
my heart to keep and train.
that I thy holy temple,
from youth to age remain.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Creative Haven with a Heart

 So we gathered this week
 for a bit of heart therapy.
My friend Sybil MacBeth- (at table)
author of Praying in Color 
stopped by for the afternoon of creativity.
And a 3-D canvas card for husband Andy.
Time to meet a new friend.
Carolyn-so glad you stopped by to create.
Chelsea Wojcik- (r)
author of Bible Journaling with Kids
chats with daughter Sara and grandson Levi.
Chelsea shared her finished project
 from another gathering.
 Chelsea also shared a project
 that we LOVED.
She sends a photo and a prayer
 to the godparents of her children each year.
She gives them the prayer
 that would bless their children.
Spiritual parenting together- awesome.
Some of the Canvas projects
 made by the group.

Newcomers hang out with 
some experienced crafters.
All sorts of things to create and inspire.
Fun with an old red
 Lutheran hymnal.
We love because He first loved us.
God sent His son for me.
Gathering in a home-
to share visual faith stories
that bring HIM glory.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

VaLENTine's Day

Bible Marginalia Series- #281

Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day

 on the same day.
How often does that happen?

This year Ash Wednesday 

and Valentine’s Day

 are overlapping for the 

first time since 1945.

So this is the first time in my lifetime.
The two dates have also overlapped
 in 1923 and 1934 
and will coincide again in 2024 and 2029.

Hanging out in Psalm 51-
 in my Large Print Crossways Bible.
Using the printable margins 
from the Visual Faith Ministry website 
designed by Pat Maier.
Prayer time devotions:
 mercy, steadfast, blot and transgressions
So I pray:
 There is NOTHING
 I can do to make up
 this great deficit in my life.
May YOU, O God,
come near. 
Create in Me a Clean Heart.
Restore to me the Joy of your salvation,
and uphold me with a wiling spirit.
Rework what needs to go,
and bless me with the gifts
 to be wholly and only your new creation,
What a blessing to walk into my church
 for Ash Wednesday services 
and see some of the resources from 
Visual Faith Ministry 
ready for those that connect this way for LENT.
So, may we REMEMBER 
that on this day of ashes and turning back, 
that at the center of this great gift
 is the cross and the great LOVE
 our Father has for each of us.

 printable margin-
colored pencils 
scrapbook paper
assorted die cut printables
fine-point Sharpie pen- non-bleeding

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

St. Augustine - Highlights

A visit to St. Augustine- 
and you quickly learn a few things.
It is the city of Lions.
 It is connected to a name you remember
 from your history classes- 
Ponce De Lion.
  It is connected to the name Flagler
 and the early railroads.
         photo credit- Pat Maier
The Ponce de Leon Hotel
 is now the home of Flager college.
Voted the prettiest campus in Forida,
with the world's largest installation
 of Tiffany windows.
Make sure you take the time
 to do the hour tour of Flagler College. 
Tiffany lamps, windows,
and opulence ring
 in a Great Gatsby era.
 Not a bad way to go to college.
 Some newer excursions include
 the St. Augustine Distillery.
Already getting a reputation for fine spirits.
An interesting location for lunch 
with great food is the Alcazar Cafe. 
Where once it was the swimming pool 
- it is now a cafe.
the alcazar cafe

 This building is also the home
 to the Lightner Museum.
An eclectic collection of treasures
 worth a stroll.
lightner museum
Other not to miss spots include:
The St. Augustine Lighthouse,
Whetstone Chocolate Factory and tour,
dining at the Ice Plant, and don't forget--
the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.
It doesn't hurt to revisit
 the Gilded Age
 every once in awhile.