Saturday, September 10, 2011

Creative Faith Expressions 1

A Study of Hope- Lamentations 3

Often we wonder what we might do when the bottom falls out in our world or our pathway becomes strewn with obstacles. This section in Lamentations 3 is such a story of HOPE in the word YET...... because Jesus is in all of our yets. It seems like the Lord can unfold all that we desire and dream in that one Word....  as long as He is the gift and the giver.  The canvas hangs on the wall in my kitchen area as a visual reminder of all that God wants to give me.... in and with the dregs and pitfalls of life... There will always be a YET with God.

Acrylic paint was dry brushed on stretched canvas and the flowers are actually napkins pulled apart to one - ply and attached with Mod Podge.  

 ( I can't draw anything to look like anything)
 Permanent Sharpie markers did the lettering.
My reminder on a daily basis of God's YET. 

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  1. i was happy to be reminded of my YETS with God. :)


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