Friday, September 16, 2011

Renovation- 2

This room had red shag carpet before the renovation  
 - what a change

One of a kind art with the Denninger
 envelope to poster size

                                           Looking for a mantel
 and got to get the fireplace screen

Pottery Barn grommet drapes
                                          Love a place for legs up
 or set a drink on the tray and always the TV

SO there we go with the new feel of a space..   The difference  it makes to create a space to be ready for guests.  Renovation brings a time to sort through, get rid of and also a lot of making do.  not a bad place to be as it challenges us to figure out what to do with what we have.  I suppose the Lord is always trying to figure that out with me also...  What to do with what HE HAS TO work with..... How different is the"make-over" when my heart is tilled and ready for change.  Spiritual transformation is about getting ready for the work, and living with the dust, and imaging what it will be like as the changes become reality.  Renovation of my heart is much easier to imagine after living through this 6 month transformation. I look forward to family time in this space and time with old friends and new friends.  May the Lord bless all of the gatherings.

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