Monday, September 12, 2011

Sometimes it is worth the wait

The Music Studio
one of a kind art from an envelope mailed 
in 1929 to my husband's father
Sitting area
a little bit new and mostly vintage

suitcases, typewriters and print drawers
The Old oak wardrobe-  
from a farm auction in Michigan in 1980  for $50

The unveiling of the family room happened for our oldest daughter's wedding this past July.  While there are a few last projects to finish the main part of the demolition and gutting happened from January to July. Although my husband is a handy guy, there were many new skills to learn.  The plan was that our growing family of adding spouses for daughters had caused us to be short on space for family gatherings. Now the updated space which included taking out part of the hearth, taking down popcorn ceilings, old paneled walls and putting in new lighting and flooring and dry wall has given us space for gathering for family, friend, and church events. Always fun to see what can be used from what we already had and adding a few key pieces. And a little reinvention along the way. Will post more photos later.

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